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xx Lolo, Rattlesnake, Hell's Canyon, Palouse | 15 Jun 15
20:56:14 by bubba zanetti | Views: 4383 | Comments: 30

Friday morning I had to do a little work, but got clear by 10am. Plan was to meet alphabetman and Ross in Lolo at Lochsa Lodge. I had one of the rustic cabins booked and so decided I did not want to get in too late and so opted for a ride down through Metalline Falls to Post Falls and then jump on I90 to make some time. As I got into Coeur D'Elaine I noticed the wind really picking up. Gassed up and headed east. Part of I90 runs along the lake and the wind was extremely gusty. Crossing the major bridge there, I noticed the usual warning signs about high wind and glanced ahead at the wind socks on the bridge. One was pointed east and the other swinging wildly to the west. Crossing over was not fun as the big gusts were throwing out of my lan...

xx Neuchatel for Lunch | 08 Mar 15
17:10:11 by Mrs. DantesDame | Views: 3592 | Comments: 13

I feel guilty posting a link to my ride report, but it's late and I'm getting ready for bed. I'll toss in a couple of photos for you though, to help you judge if it's worth clicking on or not  Smile

Neuchatel for Lunch


xx Letting Go | 26 Feb 15
22:12:53 by scguy | Views: 6847 | Comments: 20

New guy here! My name's Ryan, and I'm from South Carolina. This ride report  from last May isn't from a sport tourer, since I didn't buy my VFR800 until 2 months ago, but I figured that it's as good of an introduction to me as you're going to get, so here goes...

Learning to Let Go

   Well, here goes. My first real ride report, fittingly, because this was also my first multi-day ride. Several months ago, I got invited to the graduation of a good friend in the heart of the Ozarks; Harrison, Arkansas. I called a mutual friend (fellow Honda rider, Shadow Sabre 1100) in Ohio, and we made plans to meet in Tennessee, then ride to Ark...

xx Through the Taiga Solo - Pennsylvania to James Bay, Radisson, and Chisasibi | 24 Jan 15
21:13:33 by max384 | Views: 6375 | Comments: 23

I did this trip just this past September, and forgot to post it on this forum.  I just realized I didn't post it here, so here it is!

James Bay is a motorcycle trip I've been wanting to do for a couple of years now, but for one reason or another, I've never been able to. However, about two weeks ago the opportunity presented itself, so I decided to go for it. With only about a week's notice, nobody else could get the time off to make the trip with me, so I was going to do another solo trip.

James Bay is the bottom portion of the Hudson Bay. It is considered to be the southernmost part of the Arctic Ocean. The only road access to the James Bay is by the James Bay Road in Quebec. This road was built to s...

xx Tour to Tasmania. Australia. | 22 Jan 15
14:44:18 by Aah5 | Views: 3410 | Comments: 10

Two days to go. Heading down to Tasmania for a 2 up, 6 week tour around the 'Apple Isle', the Triumph is ready only need to pack the panniers and I'm on the road. First part of trip will be a little rushed, I've got a 1800 klm run from Brisbane to Melbourne where I'll be meeting my wife who is flying there, long days on the highway are not her preference.
Catching the ferry 'Spirit of Tasmania' on the 31st for a overnight to Devonport from there on it is short days of riding and lots of time enjoying the delights of Tasmania, food and wine, the scenery and the history.

xx Fall Colors Ride - Mountain View Arkansas. | 06 Nov 14
12:22:07 by lobo10s | Views: 3255 | Comments: 3

Jamie and I had a great weekend in Arkansas. I did a ride report with lots of pictures. You can read it here on our blog:

Here are some...

xx Two, Two, TWO Trips in One! :) | 30 Oct 13
18:53:19 by Tyler | Views: 15481 | Comments: 34

Last month, I put two trips together back to back and had a whole ton of fun along the way.

PART ONE – Bay Area to La Pine, OR

Left home on Thursday for friends’, Doug & Gayle, house in Grass Valley... didn't have to rush so rode along the Delta which I pretty much had to myself... it was a beautiful day...

Along 174, I found a memorial for what appeared to be a young woman and her son... I stopped to pay my respects...

Doug and I left early the next a.m. as we ...

xx ...Italy to Benelux [mostly photographs] | 06 Oct 13
14:45:45 by Daniel Kalal | Views: 16830 | Comments: 17


You don't often hear of Belgium, Luxembourg or The Netherlands as being one  of the great destinations for motorcycle riding. These countries don't have  high mountains, nor do they have spectacular vistas from scenic winding  roads. On the other hand, the Great Plains do not have any of those  things, either, but I still like riding in Kansas and Nebraska. I've never been; so, let's see what the Benelux countries have to offer. As with all previous European trips (this is my ninth), I would start  riding on Monday, and finish riding the Friday of the next week. By  leaving Wichita early Friday morning I'd have two nights in Italy to adjust  to the new time zone.


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