xx Easter in the Pyrenees | 30 Mar 16
01:48:39 by Mrs. DantesDame | Views: 2556 | Comments: 30

March 24-28, 2016

Another holiday weekend was upon us, this one being a full four days! And with me being in between jobs, I had no issues with adding an extra day. Luckily, neither did Dan. And as a bonus, my nephew Matt, who is stationed in Germany, was able to get leave as we...

xx John Day Country, Central Oregon | 22 Mar 16
18:19:41 by SWriverstone | Views: 2130 | Comments: 19


With sunshine on Saturday, I decided last-minute (like literally Saturday morning) to pack up the bike and head east. Didn't get on the road 'til 10am, mainly due to indecision over where I was going to go, last-minute pouring over maps, etc. (And I would've posted looking for company if it wasn't so last-minute).

Anyway, it was a great ride—with some "difficult" moments here and there...and I learned a lot about riding in Central/Eastern Oregon—here were my "lessons:"

1. Get over the mountains the day (or night) before. I spent almost 3hrs getting to Prineville, which was where the ride real...

xx ...around the Adriatic Sea [mostly and very many photographs] | 21 Oct 15
21:36:11 by Daniel Kalal | Views: 3798 | Comments: 17


How about a ride around the Adriatic Sea?
Earlier this summer I rode to Scotland; so, the opposite route would be  to to ride towards  the Balkans and then complete the loop around the Adriatic Sea by crossing  back to Italy and returning north.
I would allow the route to decide itself each morning, but I had  some general plan to ride as far south as Patras, Greece before crossing  over to Italy.  It didn't happen that way; things sometimes work out  differently.
New Jersey
It was once a Continental flight, and now it's a United flight, but for all  the times I've done this, only one route has ever made sense: the...

xx 2015: Almost a month in France and Spain | 17 Oct 15
13:32:25 by FJR-UK | Views: 5863 | Comments: 47



This was a make or break trip for us. Keeping/selling the FJR hinged on a successful trip after being seriously inconvenienced by the dreaded “spider bite” two years ago in the Dolomites.

I can save you loads of time by saying the trip was great in almost every respect. The bullet points:

Date: 8 September - 5 October 2015
Total number of days: 27
Number of days on the road: 13
Miles travelled: 3,000, give or take
Number of breakdowns: 0
Number of speed traps: 0
Close calls: 0
Stupid decisions: 1
Rain days while on the road: 2
Mileage: 48 (low) 57 (high) 54 (average)
Temperature range: 10C (Rouen) to 38C (Valencia...

smiley Journey To The Manx Grand Prix | 16 Oct 15
14:24:56 by Orson | Views: 3494 | Comments: 19

Well, I guess I can't really call it a journey since, from my friend's farm house in north Shropshire to the Liverpool was all of 40 miles  Embarassment However, an 0900 Thursday morning check in time and never having been to Liverpool meant that I had to get underway at the crack of dawn. Worried that I would miss the ferry, I hardly slept a wink that night. Before the sun had risen, I was underway to Liverpool. Due to my early departure, I beat the rush hour traffic and after a few wrong turns (no GPS) and with the helpful directions from a bus driver, I made it to the ferry docks with plenty of time to spare.

The two-wheeled eye candy began make an appearance as more bikes started to arrive.


xx Lolo, Rattlesnake, Hell's Canyon, Palouse | 15 Jun 15
20:56:14 by bubba zanetti | Views: 7760 | Comments: 30

Friday morning I had to do a little work, but got clear by 10am. Plan was to meet alphabetman and Ross in Lolo at Lochsa Lodge. I had one of the rustic cabins booked and so decided I did not want to get in too late and so opted for a ride down through Metalline Falls to Post Falls and then jump on I90 to make some time. As I got into Coeur D'Elaine I noticed the wind really picking up. Gassed up and headed east. Part of I90 runs along the lake and the wind was extremely gusty. Crossing the major bridge there, I noticed the usual warning signs about high wind and glanced ahead at the wind socks on the bridge. One was pointed east and the other swinging wildly to the west. Crossing over was not fun as the big gusts were throwing out of my lan...

xx Neuchatel for Lunch | 08 Mar 15
17:10:11 by Mrs. DantesDame | Views: 5496 | Comments: 13

I feel guilty posting a link to my ride report, but it's late and I'm getting ready for bed. I'll toss in a couple of photos for you though, to help you judge if it's worth clicking on or not  Smile

Neuchatel for Lunch


xx Letting Go | 26 Feb 15
22:12:53 by scguy | Views: 9850 | Comments: 20

New guy here! My name's Ryan, and I'm from South Carolina. This ride report  from last May isn't from a sport tourer, since I didn't buy my VFR800 until 2 months ago, but I figured that it's as good of an introduction to me as you're going to get, so here goes...

Learning to Let Go


   Well, here goes. My first real ride report, fittingly, because this was also my first multi-day ride. Several months ago, I got invited to the graduation of a good friend in the heart of the Ozarks; Harrison, Arkansas. I called a mutual friend (fellow Honda rider, Shadow Sabre 1100) in Ohio, and we made plans to meet in Tennessee, then ride to Ark...

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