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xx 2010 Triumph Rocket III Roadster vs. 2010 Star VMax [] | 18 Jun 10
01:35:03 by UFO | Views: 9156 | Comments: 12

General News
A comparison of stretched land barges that are pushing 700-800 lbs.  But both do one thing well:  accelerate like a bat out of hell...and they need power/torque to haul all that weight around.  The Vmax trumps the Rocket in rwhp (168 vs. 119), but the Rocket more than makes up for it in torque (a staggering 136 vs. 107).   Both fun in their own right, but could you live with them on a daily basis...

Merely mentioning the VMax is sure to conjure images of a rear tire-roasting, muscle-bound, two-wheeled monster in the mind of just about any bike enthusiast old enough to recall the 1985 release of Mad Max.

And to this day the V

xx My First Trip to the Dragon | 17 Jun 10
14:50:25 by kendenton | Views: 24964 | Comments: 58

Ride Reports
First Trip to the Dragon

(Dragon content will start on day 6 of the trip.  Patience, my friend.)

I don’t know how a trip to the Dragon took so many years to  get around to, but now that I’ve done it I know it won’t be  long before I  return.

Bike fully packed and ready to roll

The main part of this trip was to start on Monday, with Jim  and I slabbing down to Knoxville before joining Dave and Peter for 3 days of  riding in NC/TN/GA mountains, followed by a somewhat leisurely return via the  Blue Ridge Parkway.  I was going to add a  few solo days of riding and camping before meeting Jim on Monday. For the solo  part of the trip I had no res...

xx R Doug's 2010 STN National Trip Report | 16 Jun 10
18:55:19 by R Doug | Views: 6444 | Comments: 24

Ride Reports
Day 1 of 5

My original plan for the National this year was to make a 10 day road trip out of it by riding the entire length of Skyline and the BRP.  However, my wife purchased me the June 27-28 Skip Barber Superbike School for my birthday back in March and that event will take 3 vacation days from me (it’ll be worth it, I’m SURE!).  And, our planned vacation to Ireland later this year will also consume a few more vacation days from me which I was not planning (again, I’m sure it’ll be worth it).  That left me with seeing how many days I could use for the 2010 National.  The answer was three.  

I decided since Lewisburg is well on the opposite side of he state of WV from me, I would take all day Saturday, June 12, to make my way down t...

xx 2011 Harley-Davidson XR1200X [] | 14 Jun 10
23:55:44 by UFO | Views: 20766 | Comments: 80

Harley Davidson
I'm still trying to figure out the appeal of this bike over offerings from the now defunct Buell, other than the HD brand and mystique.  Perhaps that's what sells...

To build the XR1200, H-D’s engineers started with the frame and motor combo from the existing 1200 Sportster—itself upgraded in 2003 with an isolation-mounted engine and heavier, stiffer chassis—and seriously souped it up. The old pushrod 1200cc V-Twin received lots of changes—downdraft fuel-injection, hotter cams, higher compression and a 2-1-2 exhaust to name a few—resulting in a loss of a few foot-pounds of torque, but a boost in claimed horsepower to 90 (most dyno tests put rear-wh...

xx Video: Super Tenere vs GS vs Multistrada vs KTM 990 [MCN] | 13 Jun 10
02:23:25 by UFO | Views: 17029 | Comments: 46

General News


xx Ducati Monster 796 review [] | 13 Jun 10
02:10:31 by UFO | Views: 28051 | Comments: 44

Ducati offers up another midsized Monster, this time borrowing the lump from the Hypermotard 796.

The detailing is very good, with older Monsters’ fussy details cleaned up, the same black finish used on a variety of components from footrest hangers to oil cooler shroud, and the Ducati trademark trellis frame finished in red. It looks great... until you combine it with some of the many colour options available. It needs to be remembered first that the Monster was originally Ducati’s unique take on the cruiser market – in the early 1990s the Italian factory wanted a slice of this lucrative and growing sector, but without takin...

xx Q&A - Valentino Rossi on his release from hospital [] | 11 Jun 10
18:06:25 by UFO | Views: 1235 | Comments: 2

1. Vale, first question: how are you and are you still in pain?
"The positive thing is that the worst is past and that the two operations went well, so everything is okay. Now I am expecting a difficult period, in which I have to be aware of the risk of infection and in which I must remain with the leg constantly elevated. Then there will come a second key period, when I will be able to start my rehabilitation and, with support on the leg, will be able to start to walk around with crutches."

2. Dr. Buzzi talked about a rehabilitation period of about five or six months, what do you think?
"It's to be expected that Dr. Buzz...

xx The Motorcycle of the Future Has Arrived [] | 11 Jun 10
16:19:43 by UFO | Views: 3570 | Comments: 5

General News
This is the 2010 MotoCzysz E1pc...

Tomorrow it will race in the Isle of Man TT, the toughest motorcycle race in the world. The technology at work is so advanced, so unprecedented, that we may be looking not just at the future of motorcycles, but of all electric vehicles.  During practice this week, it reached a top speed of 140 MPH—besting its closest electric competitor’s 102 MPH.

The reason the all-electric race bike is here, 4,600 miles from its home in Portland, Oregon, is to prove itself. Ever since 1907, the Isle of Man TT has been the race for bike manufacturers and riders to show their mettle to the public. The thinking goes tha

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