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xx Q&A - Valentino Rossi on his release from hospital [] | 11 Jun 10
18:06:25 by UFO | Views: 1208 | Comments: 2

1. Vale, first question: how are you and are you still in pain?
"The positive thing is that the worst is past and that the two operations went well, so everything is okay. Now I am expecting a difficult period, in which I have to be aware of the risk of infection and in which I must remain with the leg constantly elevated. Then there will come a second key period, when I will be able to start my rehabilitation and, with support on the leg, will be able to start to walk around with crutches."

2. Dr. Buzzi talked about a rehabilitation period of about five or six months, what do you think?
"It's to be expected that Dr. Buzz...

xx The Motorcycle of the Future Has Arrived [] | 11 Jun 10
16:19:43 by UFO | Views: 3351 | Comments: 5

General News
This is the 2010 MotoCzysz E1pc...

Tomorrow it will race in the Isle of Man TT, the toughest motorcycle race in the world. The technology at work is so advanced, so unprecedented, that we may be looking not just at the future of motorcycles, but of all electric vehicles.  During practice this week, it reached a top speed of 140 MPH—besting its closest electric competitor’s 102 MPH.

The reason the all-electric race bike is here, 4,600 miles from its home in Portland, Oregon, is to prove itself. Ever since 1907, the Isle of Man TT has been the race for bike manufacturers and riders to show their mettle to the public. The thinking goes tha

xx Full Test: Ducati Desmosedici RR - The Firebreather [] | 07 Jun 10
18:13:52 by UFO | Views: 3296 | Comments: 4

All of us can dream big, but only a handful can act on it.  The best we can do is live vicariously through others. gives us bottom feeders that chance. Lol

Let the revs climb beyond that point at anywhere near full throttle though, and the beast within quickly surfaces. In the span of just 1000 rpm, the D16 explodes from a docile 116 horsepower to an attention-getting 139 horsepower, and power continues building exponentially from there as the desmo V-four ravenously devours the upper portion of the rpm scale. Spec chart mavens are probably scoffing at the 169...

xx Triumph Sprint GT Review [] | 07 Jun 10
14:09:04 by UFO | Views: 17392 | Comments: 46

Triumph has updated their Sprint a GT.

As its name suggests, the bike has been tilted by Triumph towards the touring end of the spectrum. It’s based on the Sprint ST, but facelifted to address some issues with that bike as well as improving the touring side of its portfolio. There’s a new, side-routed exhaust system in place of the ST’s signature high level item, which provides additonal storage space, lowers the previously very high pillion position and no longer provides often unwanted underseat heating. It’s also more free flowing and has released another 5bhp, bringing peak power up to 128bhp (130PS, 96kW) at 9,20...

xx 2010 Yamaha Super Ténéré First Ride [] | 13 May 10
11:35:57 by UFO | Views: 12071 | Comments: 36

Let's start with the new motor. An 1199cc parallel twin with four valve heads, DOHC, and fuel injection, peak power is 110 hp at 7250 rpm. With a broad, smooth band of torque it provides rapid acceleration. The MotoGP-inspired crankshaft firing interval is one of the most interesting points, and is similar to, in some ways, the crankshaft employed on the four-cylinder R1 sportbike.

The engine also incorporates balance shafts to minimize vibration. The dry sump design allows a lower placement of the engine.  Despite the size and weight of the Super Ténéré, it handles very easily, and lightly.

Read the whole first ride here:...

xx Please Don't Speak for the Community | 12 May 10
00:38:25 by UFO | Views: 20624 | Comments: 126

General News
When I post up general motorcycle industry news items, or external web items that I think might interest visitors I try not to speak for them...I let them form their own judgments/opinions.  So when I ran across a news item on advertising, nay, sensationalizing a 190mph night jaunt down a New York interstate on a BMW S1000RR on their front page I decided to post up something about it.

It's not really the act shown in the video itself.  Most of us ride fast from time to time and freely admit it, albeit in a more rational and intelligent manner, but we don't sensationalize it, nor do we promote it.  The reason seems to be in the crosshairs today is for this utter generalization failure:...

xx First FZ8 Ride Review [] | 30 Apr 10
17:55:21 by UFO | Views: 4423 | Comments: 11


The engine is common to both, and it works beautifully. The fuelling is perfect, which is worth mentioning as the original FZ1 had the worst fuelling of any recent bike, and it’s desperately intrusive stutter was only fixed by giving it a soft, marshmellow response instead. Instead, the 800 surges forward powerfully and predictably, and crucially for those it’s aimed at, does so right across the rev range. You can trickle the bike right down to idle, some 25mph (35kph) in top gear, and it will still pull away cleanly and with reasonable force, although you do better to keep the needle swinging the high side of 3,500rpm to tap into the...

xx FZ8 Full Specifications [] | 12 Mar 10
10:35:17 by Fat Boy | Views: 13371 | Comments: 29

North American bound?  Shrug

Yamaha has finally released full specifications for its new middleweight street sportsbikes, the naked FZ8-N and semi-faired Fazer8. A 779cc engine derived from the FZ1 donk is the star of the show, with a complete FZ1 frame and swingarm as well. The new engine makes significantly more torque than the smaller FZ6 for a gruntier, more accessible power curve around town - but builds to a healthy 105-horsepower top end rush when it's time to get a boogie on. It looks like a fun, fast and friendly street sportsbike - and yes, FZ6 fans, it has formally replaced the 600 in the FZ lineup.


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