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xx Around Australia on a GSA. Three months, Two People, 26,000 Kilometers. | 05 Dec 09
21:53:38 by obsidian | Views: 23347 | Comments: 95

Ride Reports
Hi all,

Earlier this year my wife and I did an around Australia loop, with a jaunt into the middle. We filmed the entire journey and will be launching a 6 part series, just thought I'd share the trailer.


xx Europe 2009 - Sardinia | 02 Dec 09
13:54:16 by notarian | Views: 3449 | Comments: 8

Ride Reports
Sardinia is an island with many faces and entirely different than Corsica. If sun and sea is your bag then Sardinia is the place to make tracks for. Emerald green / blue waters, pristine white sand beaches are everywhere and its hot – July and August are scorching really and well into the 90 – 100’s F (35 – 42 C).

But it comes at a cost as summer tourist beach areas in Sardinia are very expensive, new tourist town developments are constantly ongoing similar to the Spanish Mediterranean coast, the food can be worse than bog standard and the beach area locals can be indifferent and downright rude.

On the other hand, the hill / mountain interior reg...

xx 2010 WSB Schedule | 01 Dec 09
17:40:16 by kevin_stevens | Views: 2962 | Comments: 8


February 28 - Australia  - Philip Island
March 28 - Portugal  - Portimao
April 11 - Spain  - Valencia
April 25 - Netherlands  - Assen
May 9 - Italy  - Monza
May 16 - South Africa  - Kyalami
May 31 - United States  - Salt Lake City
June 27 - San Marino  - Misano
July 11 - Czech Rep.  - Brno
August 1 - Great-Britain  - Donington Park
September 5 - Germany  - Nürburgring
September 26 - Italy  - Imola
October 3 - France  - Magny-Cours

xx 2010 MotoGP Schedule | 01 Dec 09
17:23:32 by UFO | Views: 942 | Comments: 0

The FIM has announced an amendment to the provisional calendar for the 2010 MotoGP World Championship, with the Czech Republic Grand Prix to be held a week earlier than originally scheduled.

Date Grand Prix (Circuit)
April 11th* Qatar (Losail)
April 25th Japan (Motegi)
May 2nd Spain (Jerez)
May 23rd France (Le Mans)
June 6th Italy (Mugello)
June 20th Great Britain (Silverstone)
June 26th** Netherlands (Assen)
July 4th Catalunya (Catalunya)
July 18th Germany (Sachsenring)
July 25th*** United States (Laguna Seca)
August 15th Czech Republic (Brno)
August 29th Indianapolis (Indianapolis)
September 5th San Marino & Riviera di Rimini (Misano)
September 19th Hungary (Balatonring)
October 10th Malaysia (Sepang)
October 17t...

xx Kevin Ash Reviews the VFR1200F [] | 29 Nov 09
18:38:38 by UFO | Views: 19947 | Comments: 91

Respected motojournalist Kevin Ash reviews the new VFR1200F.  He thinks it's a good bike, but not a great bike as should have been delivered by Honda considering the development time, hype, and projected price of the bike.  He also expresses big concern about the mileage limitations of the new V4...and he's one of many in a growing list to do so.

The VFR has a 4.1 gallon (18.5 litre, 4.9 gallon US) capacity, and at the 40mpg (14.6km/l, 7.06l/100km, 33.3mpg US) we were achieving in mixed riding (with some pretty fast going), that’s a mere 164 miles (264km) to completely dry. In practice then you’ll be looking for a refill at 130 miles, or if you’re...

xx Hit-Air/Safermoto Airbag Jacket Review [] | 27 Nov 09
17:59:35 by UFO | Views: 8536 | Comments: 10

Gear Review reviews the newest trend in motorcycle safety:  air bags.  In this case it's a "Shock Buffering System" that is embedded in to a riding jacket.  Safermoto has an entire line of gear that includes this system.  Effective trend of the future, or gimmick?  Only time will tell.

Every knowledgeable motorcyclist knows that it isn't a matter of IF you'll crash it is only a matter of WHEN. When that time comes that same knowledgeable motorcyclist will be wearing proper riding gear; good helmet, full finger gloves (usually with hard knuckle protection), jeans or other more protective pants, sturdy, over the ankle footwear, and a good quality motorcyc...

xx 2010 Honda VFR1200F Road Impression [Visor Down] | 27 Nov 09
17:51:14 by UFO | Views: 20868 | Comments: 82

Honda has some quick impression up of their 200 mile road jaunt (as opposed to the recent Sugo track sessions) on the new VFR1200F.  Their impressions are again positive, but they are questioning the rumored high price.

But, and there are quite a few of them, has Honda overpriced the new V4? The company are remaining tight-lipped about the bike's official retail price, but a source told me last night the standard version will cost around £12,000. That's an awful lot of wedge for a bike with no panniers, no electronic suspension, no traction control and a 150-mile tank range - yes, one rider managed just 150 miles to bone dry on yesterday's 200-m...

xx 2010 Yamaha Star VMAX Quick Ride [] | 25 Nov 09
00:54:55 by UFO | Views: 5067 | Comments: 11

So you want a new Vmax...or are even thinking about it?  Remember the FJR1300 PDP (priority delivery program)?  It's baaaaaack!  For 2010 you can only get a Star Vmax as a special order model, and you only have until the end of November (this month!) to order one.  Is this another case of the public clamoring for a manufacturer to build a bike then turning their backs on it?  Perhaps.  With an MSRP of $19,500 they better deliver it to your door, fully fueled with 3 rear tire replacements for good order.

Let’s get straight to the point. This bike is fast, brutally fast. The 1679cc V-Four mill pumps out a rear tire destroying 197 horsepower and 122 l...

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