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xx Passwang - first steps in Switzerland | 20 May 13
15:29:22 by Mrs. DantesDame | Views: 19101 | Comments: 53

Today Dan and I took a couple of hours to head out on a shake down ride on the motorcycles. We kept it short simply because it was the first time out, the weather wasn't all that great and we got a late start. But it was a great ride and really showed us that perceived concerns about traveling on Swiss roads are entirely unwarranted.

Our biggest experiment today (other than the motorcycles themselves) was to try our new Sena communication systems. We had purchased them just before selling the bikes in New Jersey and hadn't had the chance to really test them out before they got packed up. The headsets were great! Incredibl...

xx Wildflowers and Wild Bikes at The Quail | 08 May 13
16:07:10 by Tyler | Views: 13681 | Comments: 16

Last weekend I was scheduled to attend my riding group's Wildflower Ride to The Hacienda at Fort Hunter Leggett. While I did make part of the ride, I had an unexpected and delightful detour along the way.

Brent, Dorothy, and Geoff with a stunning Norton they had restored and would be exhibiting at the show...

Some friends, Dorothy, Geoff, and Brent, had bikes exhibited at The Quail Gathering in Carmel, an annual event showcasing motorcycles from the past, present and future... Dorothy told me about a group ride on Friday morning with all the entry bikes and I asked if I could tag along for a bit before meeting up wit...

xx Manchester Madness 2013 | 02 May 13
17:10:48 by Tyler | Views: 8298 | Comments: 7

A couple of years ago a friend had organized a ride up to Manchester and it was such a great ride, I decided to recreate it with about 30 of my closest personal friends! Coffee first and then a quick jaunt for the second meet at the Golden Gate Bridge...

Lots of hugs as friends reunited once again...

xx Mendocino-o-OH!! | 17 Apr 13
15:02:10 by Tyler | Views: 20522 | Comments: 32


Two of my friends, Kharon & Holly, were celebrating their half-century birth days and invited some friends to join them in Little River (near Mendocino) at the Andiron Lodge for a weekend of fun and frivolity. I decided to ride since the weather was looking good and I wanted to do a little reserach for the Manchester ride... plus there were some roads I hadn't ridden in a long time and wanted to check out again. So I left early on Saturday and slabbed it over to Hwy. 1, Panoramic Hwy, and then Ridgecrest Drive along the top of Mt. Tamalpais... it was cool and quite breezy but the views were stellar...

xx Skills Drills & Thrills! | 09 Apr 13
15:47:40 by Tyler | Views: 16105 | Comments: 19

I had dinner with friend and mentor, Robert Haas, a couple of months ago and he asked when we were going to do another skills day. So we coordinated our calendars, found a mutual date, made the announcement, and 15 riders made the time to come out and work on their moto skills. The two things we focused on were proper use of brakes for turning and quick stops in a turn and not dropping your bike. We had one experienced group and one with newer riders, who would take turns doing the exercises with Robert giving them feedback along the way.

Verbal instruction first... notice the t-shirt... LOL


thumbup Spring Break in Costa Rica! | 06 Apr 13
11:34:02 by falcofred | Views: 15075 | Comments: 13


Some of you may have read and remember the ride report from last years spring break trip that my Son and I took to Baja.,71204.0.html. This year we went bigger with a off road riding trip to Costa Rica with
 As I mentioned in the first ride report, my Son and I have been riding off road since he was old enough to ride and XR50 , but now he is in college and I have to bribe him to spend time with me.
First of all before I get into the pictures, Id like to say that Moto Tours Costa Rica is a first rate outfit. Very professional, delivered what they promised on time and with no extra costs. They picked us...

xx Balkan-Istanbul, exploring south-eastern Europe | 03 Feb 13
05:43:39 by AlpineGuerrilla | Views: 30631 | Comments: 34


After last years trip through Russia and Scandinavia, I wanted to go south. South-eastern to be exact. This time, a friend is joining me on a trip through Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Turkey and Greece. We came home with many new experiences, countless interesting encounters and impressions of great landscapes. To be honest, I didn't know the Balkans are THAT beautiful. Really, it's a rough diamond and this hasn't been the last time I was there.


xx Dual Sporting in New Mexico - for a few days.... | 16 Jan 13
21:11:30 by rider1a | Views: 9681 | Comments: 7


Quick ride to Alto, New Mexico

Dual sporting Capitan

The best way to get into the area that provides excellent dual-sport options is to take CR0002. It is located just east of Capitan on highway 380. Once on this CR, you have several options but I opted for the class 3 trails, so if you stay on CR0002 you eventually reach the Capitan Gap sign pictured below.

If you continue on this road it changes into NF557. However, many roads in that area did not show up on my GPS, so my suggestion is just to take whatever trail you like and then backtrack using your GPS breadcrumb trail. The other alternative is stop...

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