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xx Watercooled R1200GS unveiled | 03 Oct 12
12:00:12 by UFO | Views: 18741 | Comments: 76


+15 hp, watercooled, more gizmos including cruise control. Etc.

xx 2013 FJR1300 revealed | 02 Oct 12
14:23:14 by CheesyRider | Views: 41252 | Comments: 128

It's official:

The weight is down seven pounds!!!  Looks like the jokes about weight will finally end.

xx MotoGP 2012 -- MisterSmooth Goes to Jail (but it turns out OK) | 07 Aug 12
00:19:23 by MisterSmooth | Views: 14668 | Comments: 36

Part I – MisterSmooth Goes to Jail

Northern California Duc pond

Once again it was late July and thus, MotoGP time in Smoothland.  Let’s start this tale where we started last year…at the Teapot Dome service station in Zillah, Washington.  For at least a decade this historic gas station has sat in a state of shabby forelorn charm, overlooking Interstate 84 with an eroded asphalt forecourt and pumps advertising gas at $1.79.

Despite its state of disrepair it was unique Americana and I was dismayed to ride by the site in June and see an empty lot where the station had stood for so long.  It seemed like another thing that wouldn’t ever come back, deemed unworthy of saving by short-sigh...

xx Quit our jobs, sold our home, gone riding! | 01 Aug 12
09:02:58 by lightcycle | Views: 312682 | Comments: 1485

Hey ST.ners,

It all starts with a bike... Actually, this was one of the last things we did to prepare for our trip!

I've been posting our ride reports here for a few years and we've appreciated all your support. Here's our latest journey, going to try to keep this thread synced with our blog, but it's tough to do on the road. Here's the first few blog entries from

Neda and I got our motorcycle licenses together in spring of 2004, as  an engagement present  to ourselves. We thought it would be a neat  thing to do.  

We took day trips, hung out at motorcycle meets, rode on group  ...

xx The Adventure Begins! Brews and Beasts | 03 Jul 12
22:42:22 by Yankee Dog | Views: 13169 | Comments: 63

So after much crying and gnashing of teeth the missus and I decided to take the mighty Beast on our tour of Southeastern breweries. And for all you out there who advised us to do so. Please stay by the phone with your trailers, tool kits and tow ropes at the ready.  Thank you very much.

Anyway, the first bit of road was straighter than I would like to admit. But we didn’t get started until after work so we had some ground to cover. However in a effort to avoid the middle of Chattanooga I discovered hwy 27 over Signal Mountain.  Wowzer! I am coming  back to this on a real motorcycle some day. Great curves, great pavement and very little traffic.          


xx New England Trip 2012 | 02 Jul 12
11:58:12 by Mastros2 | Views: 9063 | Comments: 25


My good friend, Rick, and I ride a bit together.  We’ve had a yearning to ride to Quebec and the Maritimes for a while now and a future trip to Nova Scotia is already mapped out and ready to go.  Time away from family and work has kept us from Nova Scotia but we were able to plan a 6 day trip to Quebec and Acadia National Park for 2012.

When we ride together, we are your typical travelers and it’s more about touring than the sport. Don’t get me wrong.  I enjoy a nice twisty road in different company but when Rick and I ride together, we enjoy the ride and sightseeing. I guess we’re your typical tourists who ride motorcycles.
A recent (...

xx It started with the idea of seeing the Pacific Ocean. | 24 Jun 12
22:09:49 by wibornz | Views: 50501 | Comments: 291


My son Zack just graduated from High School. So lets back up a little bit. About January or so Zack said "Dad when I graduate, I am riding to the Pacific Ocean by Mexico and California." So we started doing some mapping with MS Streets & Trips and the trip just expanded.

This is our basic route around the US. We will be riding on some of the best roads in the US

We will be doing an SS1000 the first day.  Think Lansing, Michigan to Sturgis, SD the first day.  Might as well get to the good stuff.

Then riding the Chief Joseph hwy to Beartooth pass.  Riding east over the past the turning around and riding back west to 89 north to the road to the sun i...

xx Attending the Americade 30th Anniversary | 21 Jun 12
15:38:55 by kendenton | Views: 8217 | Comments: 10

Ride Reports
Americade 2012

NJ 519 - while there are some twists and turns on this route I enjoyed them too much to stop and take pictures during them

I went to Americade back in 2007 and 2008 when I first got back into motorcycling. I enjoyed both trips very much, but took a break for  three years to make time for trips to the Alps in 2009, the ...

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