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xx Westward Ho 2 or How to ALMOST end a vacation before it starts. | 25 Dec 12
17:46:56 by Grnarrowe | Views: 23921 | Comments: 23

This Vacation started on June 29th and we returned home on July 13.

Due to the wildfires burning in Colorado this trip was in doubt up until a week before we left. We kept watching the news and going to the CDOT site for updates. Colorado 14 was closed so I had to come up with an alternate route just in case.

Let’s start with the bikes

2005 Yamaha FJR1300 ABS
Beginning Mileage: 86,268
Ending Mileage: 91,068
2006 Yamaha FJR1300A
Beginning Mileage: 76,702
Ending Mileage: 81,532

This ride report actually starts and almost ended on June 2, 2012 at Road America in Elkhart Lake Wisconsin.

After arriving...

xx 1700 miles in three days | 12 Nov 12
14:07:31 by jdgretz | Views: 14128 | Comments: 7

I needed to visit the four Tour of Honor sites in Northern California and wanted to meet and ride with some guys out of Sacramento locally known as the Old Farts. Soooo, consulting the local crystal ball for weather, I decided the week of October 15 would be better than the week of the 22nd. That and some of the Old Farts would be out of town the week of 8 October sort of narrowed it down a bit.

Overland Stage Steakhouse by jdgretz, on Flickr

Since I was on a ...

smiley Côte d'Azur & Les Alpes-Maritimes | 25 Oct 12
06:24:11 by Orson | Views: 12291 | Comments: 33

Team orson embarks on a quickie, one-week venture across the border to the motorcycling playground that is the south of France.

Departing from team orson's world headquarters in Parma, we stick to the backroads as we make our way across the Appenine mountains to the coast. The early fall temperatures combined with the altitude serve to feed the mighty, mighty goose with a horespower boost in the form of cool, mountain air. We reach the coast by late afternoon and get a hotel room near Portofino. I didn't take any pictures, so I'll cheat and use a picture from a previous trip  Embarassment

In a bid to save time, the next day's route will be a blast up the Ligurian coast along the autostrada, the same st...

xx Bolivia Off-Road | 19 Oct 12
17:00:39 by xsrider | Views: 12361 | Comments: 34


Bolivia Off-Road

Days 1 and 2

Date of travel - October 2 through October 17.  

As an early 60th birthday present, I gave myself a present - 2 weeks off road motorcycling in Bolivia.  Maybe I should say my
wife gave me an early birthday present because she let me go!!  Being lazy and not really knowing how to plan it myself, I
instead signed up with Bolivian Motorcycle Adventures for the Highland I tour.  (

I flew from San Francisco to Dallas then on to Miami and finally to Santa Cruz, Bolivia.

I arrived in Santa Cruz at about 8am – nearly 21 hours after leaving home.  I was met at the airport and was driven by van to ...

xx ...Italy, Sicily, Sardinia, Corsica [mostly photographs] | 13 Oct 12
18:29:07 by Daniel Kalal | Views: 11198 | Comments: 23

Monday morning I'd catch the train from Lecco to Mandello del Lario.
This is almost routine. Unpack both yellow duffle bags I've been carrying,
and repack into the smaller. I'd be wearing the riding suit, boots and
helmet, so the one bag was more than sufficient.

Other than the general direction of riding all the way down Italy and across
to Sicily, I had no preplanned route. However, I did want to take a little
detour to ride over San Marco pass, which is to the west of Como. It isn't
really on the way to anything, so I'd need to take some effort to get there.
It's a lovely route with virtually no traffi...

xx Watercooled R1200GS unveiled | 03 Oct 12
12:00:12 by UFO | Views: 20136 | Comments: 76


+15 hp, watercooled, more gizmos including cruise control. Etc.

xx 2013 FJR1300 revealed | 02 Oct 12
14:23:14 by CheesyRider | Views: 45250 | Comments: 128

It's official:

The weight is down seven pounds!!!  Looks like the jokes about weight will finally end.

xx MotoGP 2012 -- MisterSmooth Goes to Jail (but it turns out OK) | 07 Aug 12
00:19:23 by MisterSmooth | Views: 16160 | Comments: 36

Part I – MisterSmooth Goes to Jail

Northern California Duc pond

Once again it was late July and thus, MotoGP time in Smoothland.  Let’s start this tale where we started last year…at the Teapot Dome service station in Zillah, Washington.  For at least a decade this historic gas station has sat in a state of shabby forelorn charm, overlooking Interstate 84 with an eroded asphalt forecourt and pumps advertising gas at $1.79.

Despite its state of disrepair it was unique Americana and I was dismayed to ride by the site in June and see an empty lot where the station had stood for so long.  It seemed like another thing that wouldn’t ever come back, deemed unworthy of saving by short-sigh...

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