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smiley Il Giro d'Italia a la Guzzi | 19 Jun 12
10:19:44 by Orson | Views: 10522 | Comments: 35

Ride Reports
My 2012 vacation would mark the tenth anniversary since the inception of team orson. One would think that a grand tour would be called for to celebrate the occassion however, as I left Saudi Arabia for team orson's palatial world headquarters, I didn't have a clue where I wuz going. Befuddled and confused, I packed maps for both France (north) or Italy (south).

A late start meant that it was 4 P.M. before I left Parma and headed over the Appenines via the Passo della Cisa towards the coast, still without a clue which direction I wuz headed. I stopped for the night in Portovenere, exhausted after a little over 100 kn  EEK! Portovenere isn't as famous as its Cinque Terre neighbors or as posh as P...

xx Trippin' Connies 4: Blown Away (mass pictures) | 17 Jun 12
22:32:57 by klb1122 | Views: 37270 | Comments: 41

Ride Reports
Warning:  This ride report will not be built in a day.

The players in this yearís edition of Trippiní Connies are my dad, brother (Brett), and myself.  Iíve maybe put 500 miles on a motorcycle since the trip to Colorado last year.  Brett has rode 0 in that time.  Dad, well, he retired earlier this year and rides all the time, but only short little jogs.  But none of that means anything, weíre ready to pile some miles on.  Dad was once again generous enough to offer up his Honda ST1300 for Brett to ride since he is currently bikeless.

I originally had this yearís trip all planned out to Glacier National Park.  Right before I started booking hotels, I read on their website that the G...

xx Fooling Around on Motorbikes in Oregon | 06 Jun 12
20:29:56 by MisterSmooth | Views: 9154 | Comments: 26

Ride Reports

Where does a ride really start?  When you leave the driveway?  During the weeks before when you research the route, change the oil, make the hotel reservations, maybe buy new tires?  If youíre lucky enough to have two bikes you might ponder which one to take.

Iím from Seattle and although I did all of the above, this ride began about twenty miles out of Walla Walla, Washington where the road first started to get twisty.  Anything before that dissolved into a blur of preparation. last minute chores, and four hours of finest US freeway from the Jet City.

That winding backroad into 2 x Walla spilled me through green wheatfields, past the State Penitentiary and into the parking lot at the Marcus ...

xx To Utah and back...2115 miles, 7 days, 3 Triumphs and 1 FJR | 06 Jun 12
15:17:02 by stew71 | Views: 7344 | Comments: 25

Ride Reports
We started planning the trip back before the holidays. Six guys would hop on their bikes in Sacramento and Reno, point them east and ride for the sights of Western Utah.  There was just one problem. You guessed it.  Nevada. Thereís just no way around it, metaphorically speaking. If youíre sitting on the couch in Northern California and you suddenly decide that you want to ride SR-9 though Zion Canyon, you canít fail to notice that big, triangular void on the map.  

Nevada. The Silver State. Home to the Comstock Lode. Casinos. Area 51. Legal prostitution. High deserts. Straight, boring highways.  Forty mile-per-hour crosswinds. Tumbleweeds. Dust storms. Summer snow storms. Radar-happy state troopers. Ah, good olí Nevada.

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