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xx Rode the new BMW K1600 GTL today. My thoughts follow... | 26 May 11
21:02:39 by tjhess74 | Views: 16411 | Comments: 23

Our local BMW dealer just got in a K1600 GTL demo bike.  Apparently BMW is sending demo bikes before the ones that customers have ordered.  I was able to spend good time in the saddle and as a result I was able to form some immediate opinions and was able to sit and think about others.  This machine holds true to the German methodology of engineering...'If you don't need a gadget, we will design one for you anyway!'

Upon the initial viewing, it has a very 'K1200LT' look to it.  I like BMW styling, so I found it to my liking.  Color scheme and overall design is unmistakable in that aspect.  Upon sitting o...

xx Man in truck attempts to run motorcyclist off the road, on video | 26 May 11
04:48:30 by SVTNate | Views: 31718 | Comments: 215

General News
Pass this video on to fellow riders/forums.  Assholes like this shouldn't share the roads.

xx Two Up to Appalachia (Tiger800) | 16 May 11
19:32:43 by Just_Peekn | Views: 10935 | Comments: 39

Ride Reports
For some time now I have wanted to share my love of two wheel exploration with my better half. Last year our calendars aligned and we did a 1000mile 4 day weekend in the UP on my StreetTriple. Well that worked, she made my buy a new tiger :clap. Next on the list was to take her to Appalachia. We would find some great twisty-curvies, ride goat trails complete with goats, and most importantly convince her that I'm only moderately insane and two wheel exploration is a blast!

Hello new toy! (The Dad got one as well)

An overview of our 2200 mile path. We would hit Michigan (Home), Ohio, Virginia, West Virginia...

xx Moto Guzzi Stelvio 2011 review [] | 25 Apr 11
11:49:15 by UFO | Views: 15148 | Comments: 27

Moto Guzzi

Moto Guzzis so often are nearly there... but not quite. Theyíll have the spec, the looks, the power, plenty of goodwill towards this 90 year old company, then some irritating flaw will break the deal.

The new Stelvio though finally shakes off this unhappy tradition. Itís pitched as the Stelvio always has been, directly at BMWís R1200GS, and this time, if you go for the Guzzi instead of the default German bike, you donít have to suffer for your eccentricity. In short, Moto Guzzi has done it, the Stelvio is a match, and for many riders even, itís a better choice.

There are two Stelvio models, the 8V and the NTX, aligne

xx Triumph Tiger 800XC test ride. | 23 Mar 11
15:06:44 by Davy F. | Views: 14364 | Comments: 19

I took out a Tiger 800XC today as it was almost like summer here today. So here's what I thought.

Really lovely bike, loads of poke, smooth gearbox, good ergos, handles nicely and makes a lovely lovely noise.

Oh, you want more ?  OK.  Bigsmile

The engine is terrific and although some have said it lacks torque compared to other similar machines, it certaintly doesn't lack any in the real world. 6th gear overtakes are dead easy and it picks up really fast. The gearbox is very slick, no missed gears and quite quiet snicking into first from a standstill. It is very smooth and as I've said above, makes a lovely noise on the go. Wind it on and it flies. The di...

xx Aprilia Dorsoduro 1200 First Ride [] | 21 Feb 11
03:34:43 by UFO | Views: 9882 | Comments: 12


They say: "Ferociously fun!"
We say: "As long as you push the right buttons..."

My first impression of the new Aprilia Dorsoduro 1200 was not what I was expecting. It functioned well in all respects and was quite quick and wonderfully controllable, but as we motored away from the bike's launch base in southern Spain, I couldn't help but feel slightly disappointed. The engine wasn't hitting with the brute force I'd hoped for, and when I tried to wheelie it the traction control intervened in a way that seemed wrong for a big supermoto.

Looking down at the tidy data display, I noticed I

xx Ducati Diavel Review [] | 21 Feb 11
03:26:36 by UFO | Views: 15856 | Comments: 24


While the Diavel is a new model, it nevertheless is comprised of many familiar Ducati components, the most prominent of which is its Testastretta 11į engine. This grunty, high-performance 1198.4cc 90-degree Twin (aka L-Twin) is sourced from the current model Multistrada. And with the exception of a new exhaust, it remains largely unchanged as used in the Diavel.

2011 Ducati Diavel exhaust

Ducati says the Diavelís new exhaust is the key to extracting an extra 12 hp and 6.5 ft-lbs from the Testastretta 11 engine.
According to Giulio Malagoli, technical director on the Diavel project, the new Ducís exhaust system, consisting of

xx Ninja 1000 Review Part 1 [] | 21 Feb 11
03:23:39 by UFO | Views: 23344 | Comments: 30


After attending the press intro for Kawasakiís new Ninja 1000, we immediately asked Kawasaki for a test unit.  We will have the bike for a long-term evaluation, and will test it both in its stock form and with assorted modifications.

If you read our First Ride, you will see that we were very impressed by the Ninja 1000.  Its performance is very close to a full-blown superbike, in terms of its engine, chassis and brakes.  Combined with ergonomics that are more comfortable than some sport tourers, very low vibration and a trick, three-position adjustable windscreen that requires no tools (change it at the next stop light, if you desire), we cou

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