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xx Scotland 2011 ride report (very long, lotsa pics) | 20 Sep 11
15:46:43 by throttlemeister | Views: 10878 | Comments: 26

Ride Reports
Scotland 2011

After spending years on my bucket list, this year I finally got a chance to go to Scotland. A friend from the US, my dad and myself made plans and on Sunday Aug 28 it was finally time to gear up and go. First order of the day was get ourselves and our bikes to IJmuiden for the ferry to Newcastle.


After a few hours waiting, we could finally board the ferry (why do bikes go in last??) and strap the bikes down. This required a bit of trial and error with no regular forks to pull down into its suspension travel and lots of plastics we don’t want to damage.

Having the bikes strapped down, it was time...

xx Three Dirt Noobs Attack TLab! (TLab, Newfoundland, and Nova Scotia) | 30 Aug 11
21:11:10 by Just_Peekn | Views: 14195 | Comments: 34

Ride Reports
Well I'm happy to report that after 5123 miles my Father, good friend Aaron, and I survived our Translabrador adventure Bigok. Between August 13th-27th we traveled and the weather could not have been better. I was a truly amazing experience. GIven that none of us had any dirt experience we felt it prudent to orderer up a pile of TKC80s to give us the best chance of coming home in one piece. My 4 month old tiger800 now has 13,000 miles on it and I love it!

Riders and the steeds
Aaron (the Buddy) - Vstrom 650
Dominick (Meee) - Tiger800
Mike (The Dad) - Tiger 800

Most definitely prepared for a flat, or a w...

xx Nevada Tour of Honor - SS1K! | 09 Aug 11
12:04:23 by Warchild | Views: 8231 | Comments: 14

Ride Reports
This has been an exceptionally busy summer - only now am I freed up enough to try to do the Nevada Tour Of Honor sites.

Since the route is very conveniently just over 1000 miles, I thought I'd be the first to to an all "in-state" SaddleSore while scoring the ToH sites - an Illinois ToH rider did a SS1K earlier this year, but used a neighboring state for a gas receipt. I knew that Nevada would be a very fast SS1K, which proved to be the case as it was just a little over 15 hours of riding time to get all seven in Nevada.

Since I was more interested in making time than being coddled in comfort, the Hayabusa got the nod for this tri...

xx 4 guys ride to the motogp - a different version | 06 Aug 11
01:44:47 by XLR8 | Views: 7172 | Comments: 11

Ride Reports
Last Fall on a gorgeous Sunday afternoon, locked in a room and slaving away on my master's degree, I received a message that looked something like this:

"Hey guys, not sure if you would be into it, but how about we ride to the MotoGP at Laguna Seca next summer?"

Next Summer? I'd be finished with school and have a substantial bank of vacation time. I'd need a graduation present to myself. Is he kidding me?

I fantasized about the upcoming trip all year long. And after a Winter that seemed like it would never end, launch time had finally arrived. (nevermind the unfinished walls, I'll never get around to it)


xx KTM's Future Revealed | 03 Aug 11
13:06:50 by Rincewind | Views: 23675 | Comments: 38

One naughty attendee of the KTM North American dealer meeting has snapped a photo of a classified slide showing all the KTM's for the next 3-years.  "The Future is Orange," reads the text.  

All the new KTMs for the next three years

Dealer meeting leak reveals everything...
Posted: 2 August 2011
by Visordown News

LEAKED on to a forum yesterday is this cameraphone shot from inside KTM's North American dealer meeting – revealing the firm's entire new model plan until 2014.

Just as revealing as the bikes the firm has got planned are those that are missing from the list. According to this there's no new RC8 variation planned before 2015...

xx Four Guys Go to the GP; One Life is Lost | 31 Jul 11
00:35:44 by MisterSmooth | Views: 18190 | Comments: 36

Ride Reports
Part I:  A Life is Lost

This Moto Guzzi 1200 Sport looks like any other Sport.  But it’s not.

“I like big butts and I cannot lie…”

Its hard luggage is loaded with long distance traveling gear:  iPod, used sneakers, ball cap, coupla Tommy Bahama shirts, Kindle, Bavarian sausages, and about six different chargers.  All the things you need to ride from Seattle to Monterey for the MotoGP race.  The rear side 3/4 view gives the appropriate scale to the Sport’s hard luggage.  Room for that bag of soccer balls for your kid’s entire team.

The Plan was for your faithful correspondent to ride to Boise to meet up with XLR8 (Ron) and Major 662 (not...

xx The West - 2nd time | 29 Jul 11
22:32:58 by notarian | Views: 18842 | Comments: 42

Ride Reports
Sometimes you gotta love airplanes. Tuesday was riding Scotland’s Aberdeenshire lowland / highlands, Wed was a flight to California and Thursday was riding the Santa Cruz Mountains – both riding days in brilliant sunshine.

The plan is a ride with daughter Chere' for a week south from Los Gatos and the southern Sierras starting in Bodfish and working our way north to Volcano. After which Chere' will ride back to Los Gatos and I'll go to Sacramento and hook up with Demenshea (Donna) for a 3 week, 6,000 mile ride to Jasper, Alberta via Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Alberta, BC, Washington, Oregon and back to Los Gatos (Sac for Donna).

Tuesday. Ducati 1098S, Aberdeen to Strathdon, Scotland – the back way.

Joe wanted to visit a pal in Strat...

xx Alps 2011: 4 Riders, 3 Countries, 2 Factories, 1 MotoGP Race | 20 Jul 11
14:35:15 by kendenton | Views: 58918 | Comments: 135

Ride Reports
Alps 2011

Peter, Frank, Dave and Me


I think it's fair to say that from the moment I first turned a wheel onto Passo Sella in 2009 I've been planning this return trip. That experience, shared with my friend Jim (trflyboy on STN) was, by an overwhelming margin, the most amazing time I've spent on two wheels. It took 2 years to make it happen, but on June 11th I was back on an airplane headed for Europe.

But let's back up a little.

First up was putting together a crew o...

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