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xx 9 days on the road. NM, TX, CO and 1 deer strike! Lot's of pictures! | 04 Jul 11
19:03:27 by lobo10s | Views: 14938 | Comments: 31

Ride Reports
June 10th, 2011
Day #1 Ė Vacation is finally here.

It always feels like Christmas morning the day I wake up before a big ride. Jamie and I were headed out later

this afternoon to start our 9 day journey to Colorado. I had originally set up a trip for the Lone Star BMW

Riders that would take them to parts on NM, AZ, UT and CO before heading back to North Texas. That ride was

still on; however Jamie and I had to make some changes. These were due to some miss communication on my part

and I wanted to see my son Alec. So looking at the time table we decided to get in a visit with Alec as well

xx I <3 Dolomiti ^^^ | 01 Jul 11
14:36:39 by Skee | Views: 14433 | Comments: 42

Ride Reports
I was fortunate enough to join KenDenton, GasGauge and NearlySeventy on a twisty filled ride through the Dolomites.  This is my first trip report, and it's just the appetizer!  I'm pretty sure Ken will be presenting the main course when he returns from his extended trip.  

My wife and I like to travel.  There have been many times in the past as we're driving on some twisty little road Ė maybe along the Umpqua River or up to the monastery at Montserrat Ė that she'll say to me "I'll bet you wish you were on your motorcycle."  And she's right!  (Aren't they always?;-)  Well this was my chance to ride some of the most awesome roads I've ever seen, and I...

xx AMA museum via WV | 01 Jul 11
09:35:36 by nevinfs327 | Views: 12216 | Comments: 30

Ride Reports
Despite being an AMA member for years and having attended AMA Vintage Motorcycle Days in central Ohio, I had never made it to the AMA Museum.  I changed that this past weekend, and squeezed in some excellent West Virginia and Ohio roads along the way with a couple friends of mine.  

Day 1: NYC (for me) to Savage River State Forest, MD

The other guys needed to pick up backpacker meals and a few other supplies so we set Cabela's in Hamburg PA as the meeting spot approximately when they opened at 8, so I knocked out 2 hours of slab to start the day.  Following Cabela's we took 895 to Gold Mine Rd then made our way to Millersburg, PA where the last ...

xx 16 day ride to the USA four corners | 27 Jun 11
11:37:01 by blackbuell | Views: 9432 | Comments: 14

Ride Reports
The original plan for this trip was for Sandy (my wife), my brother Pete, and I to take 8-9 days to go to the STN national meet in Custer. However, Sandy and I were inattentive, and she took her vacation from work with the assumption that the national would be during the 3rd vs. the 2nd week of June. When we realized our mistake, and that Sandy could not make it to the national, Pete and I decided to skip the national, and head out west with no particular plan in mind. Sandy would then fly to Albuquerque when her vacation started, we would pick her up at the airport, and then the three of us would ride for another 8-9 days.

We only had two specific goals...

xx Four days on the Guzzi NW USA and BC | 24 Jun 11
01:12:15 by alphabet man | Views: 11307 | Comments: 25

Ride Reports
I thought I would share the ride I took the last 4 days, now donít expect far away exotic places, unless you are not from North America,  donít expect the literary skills of Orson or DD but I hope you enjoy it any way. I am often surprised  that a lot of people easily forget how great we have it when it comes to motorcycle roads in the  NW USA and BC. I canít remember the last time I was so tired from turning, not tired of, but tired from.

It was time to take the LeMans out for a spin, for those that donít know I recently purchased a 2003 Moto Guzzi Lemans Rosso Corsa. The Guzziís previous owner or owners had only run up a total of 2400 kilometres, not e...

xx New DR650 shakedown ride report | 17 Jun 11
03:20:52 by GRN | Views: 28650 | Comments: 29

For those who don't want the nitty gritty, a link to the pix is at the bottom...

After 30 years of riding, the last 20 or so primarily on liter+ ST bikes (ST1100, ST1300, Sprint 1050), a move to the PNW threw gas on the long smoldering ADV/Enduro fire for me. After about a year of researching different options (and waiting to see what Triumph brought to market), and their subsequent depth of accompanying third party options, the DR650 platform survived the attrition of an ever shrinking list. The idea I had in mind was to start with a platform that I could modify to do just about everything from some moderate trail time with...

xx Five Guys Go Riding in Oregon; One License is Lost | 16 Jun 11
15:45:39 by MisterSmooth | Views: 19126 | Comments: 56

Ride Reports
Rural Oregon.  Open, Empty, Littered with Snowcapped Mountains

It all started with the MotoGP.  Last year, XLR8 (Ron), Major 662 (Ken), Flips21 (Flip) and I decided to make the pilgrimage to Monterey for the races in July.

However, we needed a warmup trip.  Just to make sure that the bikes were OK, check out our gear.  As I explained to my wife, it was a safety thing.  Donít want to take off on a long trip wondering if that new pair of gloves might chafe.  You wouldnít run a marathon without walking around the block first, right?

As Ron and Ken live in Boise, Idaho, I live in Seattle, and Flip lives in Santa Rosa, Cali...

xx Tom's European Vacation, Take 2011 | 09 Jun 11
17:16:01 by sleazy rider | Views: 16993 | Comments: 52

Ride Reports

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