V-Strom 650 or 1000?

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I dunno...I like light handling...but the heavier rotational mass and low RPMs at highway speeds of the 1K are a big  :thumbsup: for me! I never liked bikes that go "NEEEEEEEEEEEE" down the highway. Far better to go "OMMMMMMMMM!"  :lol: (Just make those sounds out loud and you'll hear a big difference, LOL.)


well i got my 650 to 190kph  yesterday, 2nd time out with it since I bought it on sat.. I expect it will have more once it loosens up a bit...
Blows away the 1000 easily............

in the price dept!  :)

I myself cant see why anyone would spend any more money on such a ugly creation  for the 1000, if you want the power, and have the cash...buy a nice st  bike!
But then again..to each their own right? get what turns you on man!

As for me..yep i have a 650..buts its only for 2 up riding, and for that, and for the price, it cant be beat far as I can see..great bike for 2-up..great pillion seat, good handling, goes faster than my passenger likes,so why would I need a 100 for that? gets great gas mileage..works great for a cheapo bike! hard to beat..
solo?.. uninspiring cheap transportation, but it works ok!

I've been surfing the V-Strom forum - http://11109.rapidforum.com - and this topic (650 vs. 1000) has apparently been beat to death over there!  :lol: I found this post which I think is a slam-dunk for the 1000...which I'm definitely leaning toward...


Gosh, been tooo long since we've had the debate that will never die.

Like a train wreck, i was trying not to look, but when Monkeybrain told you to buy a 650, I felt I had to come in and defend the fatter of the girls. Here is my take and many know I don't hold back. Let's again look at some numbers and FACTS:

Let's see:

98.00 HP @ 7600 RPM
74.5 ft.lbs @ 6400
456.4 pounds (dry)

64 HP @ 8500 RPM
48 ft lbs @ 7400 RPM
417 lbs (dry)

So in short, for 91% of the weight, you're only getting 65% of the HP and only 64% of the torque when compared to the DL-1000

I've heard a lot of arguments, and IMO most are based on perception, prejudice and folklore. Take a look at the actual numbers above and let's apply these to what it means to the guy out riding:

DL-1000 is handicapped only 37lbs of weight to gain 34HP! That is nearly 1HP per pound! Why would anyone not take that option?? I don't care what the vehicle, anytime you can get another HP per pound you take it. Not to mention, half that weight can be made up by taking the OEM boat-anchor exhaust off and then your weight to HP ratio between the two bikes is even more dramatic. The reason for changing exhaust on the men's version is not for the couple of HP, it is for the 15+lbs less weight.

Torque: speaks for itself, and I'll comment below on why it is especially important.

The 650 does better in the dirt.

Fact: The 8% weight difference does not make that much of a difference in dirt. Both bikes are fat trailies. In fact, why not go with GS650dakar if you think the DL-650 is a dirt choice. The reality is that it is a Big Trallie with a weaker engine.
I am constantly told the "I bought the 650 because I like to go in the dirt" --- Let me tell you, if you think that the HUGE difference in torque, doesn't more than make up for the (very) few lbs I want a hit off of your pipe -and I'm not talking exhaust pipe!
With the Men's version (1000) you can be in third gear and have a huge range. You better be one hell of a dirt rider to shift that 650 engine up and down to compete with the torgue of the DL-1000 on the rough-and-tough terrain.

Now, the DL-1000 is no slouch in performance, but come on, it isn't some road-blistering sport bike. !!!Half of the 600cc sports bike have more HP!!!!, so really, it is not unmanigeable and nothing that should be considered scary. In fact in many ways (as I described above) the engine is easier for a intermediate rider.

So, doubters want to talk about the frame geometry and tell me that the DL-650 is "more flickable in the twisties"? OK, hang your hat on that if you believe it, I think the slight difference is rake won't make a diffrence in the riding that people who buy these bikes do. You don't have to agree with me, but these are facts, ...best way to convince me that the 650 is better in the dirt or more flickable in the corners?: SHOW ME.

Conclusion: Buy a DL-1000


Ride them both and make up your own mind Scott. The 1000 did absolutely NOTHING for me. The 650 was fun. Don't buy bikes based on specs. RIDE THEM and buy the bike that gives you wood. And FWIW, more power isn't necessarily better on unpaved surfaces. The overwhelming opinion of those that have ridden both is that the 650 feels much more nimble in the twisties than the 30 pounds on the spec sheet would indicate.

EDIT: Just happened to be browsing the "Beasts" section on ADVrider and came across this quote in the "Trying to Love the V-Strom" thread:

I had an '03 DL1000. I now have an '05 DL650. Neither one ever inspired me to pause and gaze at their graceful, flowing lines. The 1000 in particular was as ugly as a hatful of smashed assholes. But you can't see any of that from the saddle. And not that anyone asked (at least not in this thread) but for me the 650 is by far the better bike. The specs would not indicate they're that different, but on the road they are.

Good point Garry, and I hear what you're saying. In fact, what are you doing next weekend?  :D (June 9-10). I'd love to meet you halfway and take your Wee for a spin. Meanwhile, I really want to find someone who'll let me ride their 1000 too.

I'm certainly not already fully in the 1000 camp—I want to make the best decision, because frankly, I think buying and selling bikes is a pain!  :lol: I plan to keep this next one for a long time. (I know—famous last words, LOL.)

Even after reading piles of posts favoring both, I'm still simply stuck in the middle...so you're right, riding both will probably be the tiebreaker!

Remember, I'm keeping the KLR, so I'll ride that if I think I'm going to do any significant off-pavement riding. The Strom will be almost exclusively for pavement. (So for me, that negates any superior offroad handling of the 650.)

I'm also a "quiet bike" rider, meaning I love it when bikes make as little noise as possible, and as little vibration as possible. Even on my VFR, I'm guilty of half-lugging the engine and staying way low (in RPMs) in every gear, just because I like that "loafing along" feel of the engine. High-pitched, revvy, whiney high-RPM stuff just gets on my nerves. LOL (And yes, I've had to get used to that with the KLR!)

So those are the reasons why I'm leaning toward the 1000 based on what I've read...but riding both might change that!



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