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xx No dual-sporting today | 02 Aug 20
22:01:29 by jay547 | Views: 1102 | Comments: 6

Ride Reports
I did some riding on the FJ-09 this weekend. The 450L never left the garage.

I did a short ride along the local highways and turnpikes Saturday morning since the weather was an incredible 69 and low humidity. This just doesn't happen in Oklahoma August. I had a bunch of stuff to do so I only rode about fifty miles.

Today (Sunday), I did a much longer ride through northeastern Oklahoma and northwestern Arkansas. I got caught in our usual August pop-up storms so I ended up putting the camera away and only got a few pic's.

The old WPA school building at Evansville, AR. Now the fire department.

The overlook at Natural Dam, AR. I had been to ...

xx The GOAT Ride | 21 Apr 20
22:32:30 by jay547 | Views: 6228 | Comments: 29

Ride Reports
The Green Country Oklahoma Adventure Tour is a 438 mile, two day ride around the backroads of northeastern Oklahoma. It was set to be run the weekend of April 18th but the Chinese virus put an end to the official run. They had an unofficial partial tour on the 18th with about twenty riders. The tour is split into a north and a south section. I ran most of the north loop on April 10th, then on the 18th, I ran most of the south loop.

North loop:

I started in Disney, Oklahoma and ran the route the opposite direction of how its laid out. This direction worked out the best for me riding solo for just one day. Here are some pictures I took along the way.

An old WPA school.


xx 2019 RPM Rally and Bun Burner 1500 | 07 Nov 19
02:17:50 by aviationfred | Views: 8158 | Comments: 36

Ride Reports
The trip report for the ride out to Oakdale, CA. for the 2019 RPM Rally.

The RPM Rally is an Annual 1 day Rally held the weekend preceding Columbus Day. RPM is a company that specializes in parts and service for the Yamaha FJ1100/1200, Legends and Thunder race cars that use the FJ1200 engines.

Day #1;

I charted a course on Google maps for a route to RPM from Wichita, Kansas. Being well into Fall, the obvious route through Denver on Interstate I-70 was not an option. Very cold temperatures and the very present threat of snow in the higher elevations. Interstate I-40 was a better route further to the south.

I work night shift, (11:00pm to 6:00am). This presents a challenge for planning. Either take the night off prior to leaving...

xx Yes, I do still ride my streetbike | 29 Oct 19
21:44:21 by jay547 | Views: 6041 | Comments: 23

Ride Reports
Over Labor Day weekend, Lisa went to visit her mother in Minnesota. I had to work, so I rode my bike back to Oklahoma through Iowa and Missouri. I stopped for a few pictures along the way.

Airport in Owatonna, Minnesota.

Buddy Holly crash site, Clear Lake, Iowa.

Railroad depot in Boone, Iowa.

"J" Avenue railroad overpass, Boone County, Iowa.

Kate Shelley railroad bridges in Boone County, Iowa.


xx Marble City Mayhem 2019 | 01 Oct 19
22:13:44 by jay547 | Views: 2693 | Comments: 3

Ride Reports
I competed in the Marble City Mayhem Uphill Speed Challenge Saturday. It's about an eighth mile, uphill on city streets. Top speed (radar by local PD) per class wins. I did it last year on my FJ-09.

Rain was forecast so I took my truck and my dual sport. I didn't want to get stuck riding my street bike home in the rain. I figured I would run the speed challenge on my bike. I knew it couldn't compete with the sport bikes so I just did it for fun. I thought that while I was there, I would run my truck just to see what it would do. Then after my runs, I would go riding up in the Oklahoma hills.

I rode my bike in the streetbike class and my truck in the non-modified, small engine class. Small engine is anything under eight cylinders. Mine...

xx Smokey Mountains, Big Dragon and the Races! let's Ride! | 26 Sep 19
16:35:12 by lobo10s | Views: 3357 | Comments: 4

Ride Reports
I have finished the ride report from my last trip. It is very long and has a ton of pictures. I am posting a few pictures to set the stage, just go to the link below and read all about the journey....

xx Jay and Lisa Ride the Natchez Trace | 30 Jul 19
22:53:20 by jay547 | Views: 4192 | Comments: 5

Ride Reports
Lisa and I decided to take a long vacation ride this year. I picked the Natchez Trace to suit her riding style and because she wanted to go east last time we went west. The Trace is a 444 mile long, two lane route of easy riding, maintained by the National Park Service. The south end is in Natchez, Mississippi and the north end is in Franklin, Tennessee. The maximum speed limit is 50 mph, zero stop signs or signals, no businesses on the route and no commercial traffic allowed. Access points are very limited. It has dozens of historic and/or scenic stops.

I had ten straight days off from work. The plan was to leave on Friday afternoon, ride the route, then head into Kentucky to visit the Mammoth Cave National Park. This would give us a ...

xx Devils Den SP - Just another NWA Sunday Ride! | 10 May 19
15:43:41 by lobo10s | Views: 3758 | Comments: 3

Ride Reports
We had a fantastic day exploring a part of NW Arkansas that we had not ridden in before. The Boston mountain scenic loop is a beautiful ride, with plenty of places to explore. We thought we had a place picked out to eat breakfast but they were closed, so we ventured on. We found dirt roads, beautiful places to pull over and enjoy the rivers, with roads that never disappoint. It was just another fantastic day of riding in NW Arkansas.

You can see the Ride Report here.


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