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Title: On Bike Hydration System
Post by: lacofdfireman on June 01, 2015, 11:02:53 pm
STAY HYDRATED WHILE RIDING.     Introducing "MotoJug"  The Universal fit Hydration System that takes the weight off your shoulders and put is on your motorcycles passenger pegs.  Also works great for having extra water at camp  for cooking and cleaning.

I believe one of the most important things you can do while you ride is to stay hydrated.  I have struggled to find a way that will allow me to drink whenever I want. I have done the Camelback thing and while it works well I find that I can actually become fatigued and get sore shoulders from wearing one. Hour after hour.   Also with the integrated packs that fit into your jacket and wearing under your jacket they can be a pain to refill and reinstall and also time consuming to fill and take off and put back on. Also they are hot on your back in the summer as they do not allow air to circulate underneath.

I was on a mission to come up with something that would hold ample water, stay cool because I live in the extreme heat and be easily serviceable. This is what my wife and  I have come up with and it works AMAZING.   This is a 1 gallon insulated water jug with a drink tube that you can either hook to your tank bag or your gear via a retractable lanyard. It makes drinking effortless and super easy.   Just raise the tubing and bite valve to your mouth and during then drop the tubing. It retracts to it's previous position on the bike and is easy and safe.  

My wife makes these bags for the jugs and we have been selling them locally and to family friends and they love it.  Thought I would offer them to the masses on a few motorcycle forums we belong to and she hasn't been able to sew them fast enough to keep up with the demand.

The bag is made from a quality material and comes with loops around it so you can connect around  the center of the  jug in the bag to the subframe of your bike with by running the stars under some loops that are sewn into the bag.  Also there are Velcro loops on the bottom of the bag to connect to your rear passenger Footpeg.  Also on the top of the bag are 2 loops that you can use to secure the bag to either a rear passenger grab handle or the frame under your seat.  Only necessary to use 1 loop but you can use both if desired.  

Original bag only had 1 loop at the top which didn't allow it to be secured to either side of the bike. By adding the extra loop it allows you to mount this bag to either the left or right side passenger Footpeg.  

Also we added a stiffener to the top of the bag to allow the bag to hold its shape making it effortless to insert the MotoJug into the bag and to remove from the bag.

Another addition is we have added another level of loops around the center of the bag allowing you to choose which height works best for securing the center of the jug to your bike.

The MotoJug on bike Hydration System is universal fit between bikes as long as they have a center mount point to secure the jug in the bag via straps and an upper strap mounting point.  

We have them available in 3 colors.  Black,  Red and Grey.

The bag is $50 shipped by itself.  If you want me to include everything you need except for the cooler (can be bought at Walmart for $8) it costs $75 shipped.  It's a great system. Once you use this you will never go back to a camelback.


Bag only $50 Shipped USA


Bag, tubing, 2 Straps (for securing jug to bike) Drink tubing, drink tubing retractor and bite valve for $75 shipped
1 Gallon Jug is not included due to size and the fact that it would cost more to ship it than it would for you to buy one for $8 at your local Walmart.

Contact Dave via PM or email me at [email protected] to place an  order

PayPal Preferred
Send PayPal payments to [email protected] and include the color of bag you want. Also provide me with an email address and shipping address. When I receive an email from PayPal I will send you an email with an estimated ship date.  We are about a week out as of this post due to demand.

My Wife builds these to order. So specify color when ordering. Black, Grey or Red










Title: Re: On Bike Hydration System
Post by: vfrrider on June 08, 2015, 04:39:48 pm
Maybe its just me, but I call it "taking a break" and getting a drink of water.

I live in Texas where hydration can be an issue, but I have never felt the need for that much water that often.

Does it also come with built in catheter for non-stop peeing as well, cause I would need it?

What about mobile refueling?

Or maybe I am just not serious enough about my riding. :headscratch:


Title: Re: On Bike Hydration System
Post by: zer0netgain on June 09, 2015, 07:30:51 am
That's a wee bit much, but for those who go to the middle of nowhere and/or camp, it's a smart idea since potable water supplies could be harder to find.

Title: Re: On Bike Hydration System
Post by: Bounce on June 09, 2015, 10:00:27 am
If you ride in the remote western outback (or anywhere hot) waiting to drink when you fill up is too little too late.

You can also DIY this stuff easy enough.

Title: Re: On Bike Hydration System
Post by: jeepinbanditrider on June 09, 2015, 12:14:56 pm
I use a Nalgene 1 liter bottle with a cap/hose setup.  Something that size wouldn't work for me due to weight when off road.  Pretty sure that would pull those straps off the pax peg.  Neat setup though I bet Iron Butt guys will buy the heck out of it.  

When I camp the Nalgene is my primary water source on and off bike and gets filled from a MSR 4L Domedrary bag.  That's about the max water weight I want to carry and just re-fill on the road the next day.

Title: Re: On Bike Hydration System
Post by: Sport on June 09, 2015, 02:11:02 pm
I've turned my tank bag into a cooler by using two flat faux ice cube sheets that freeze overnight and keep up to five pint bottles of liquid cold all day.  That way when I stop for fuel I don't have to stand around at the gas station to take a drink.  I can gas up and ride to a spot that's not populated or noisy and still have a cool drink.

Title: Re: On Bike Hydration System
Post by: naustin on June 09, 2015, 07:21:58 pm
I use a CamelBak and love it.  Changed my riding so much for the better to have cool water on demand.  Don't leave home on the bike without it.  :thumbsup:

Title: Re: On Bike Hydration System
Post by: lacofdfireman on July 17, 2015, 12:19:58 pm
Bounce,  the problem with the Aerostich bag is that those coolers are obsolete.  Been there tried that. Also the bag doesn't have any good connection points around the side or to strap to the foot peg and they cost more than my setup. 

As far as to much water. Ya I guess if your not touring this could be overkill.   I've sold around 50 of these so far and every person has praised how well they work and not one person has ever said they will go back to a camelback. This is better in every way. Convenience in filling, cleaning holds more water and keeps cool longer.  It's out of the way. Your not wearing it to make yourself hot or putting extra weight on your shoulders.   

As far as it won't work off road or I ride to aggressive that's not  valid either.  This has been tried and tested by the ADVRider crowd with excellent results. And I've never had one come back for repair. 

It's a great system.   Try it out. (

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