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Title: New route planning tool (online)
Post by: Mrs. DantesDame on January 11, 2017, 01:58:57 pm
Saw this posted elsewhere and thought I'd share.

I haven't had time yet to play with it, but it looks like it has potential in scouting out good routes in Europe.  :bigok:

Title: Re: New route planning tool (online)
Post by: RBEmerson on January 11, 2017, 08:50:50 pm
Nice! Very nice! despite the .de address, it starts in English here. Better still, it's not stilted or translated German. Aber es gibt eine deutsch Taste falls jemand deutsch haben will.

Title: Re: New route planning tool (online)
Post by: RBEmerson on January 12, 2017, 11:27:21 am
I spent more (one could argue too much) time with this puppy. It has its limitations, but this is route planner other sites have hoped to be.

It will lay out three types of routes: mostly slabbing and some gently curvy roads where possible, no slabbing and curvy roads and some elevation change, no slabbing and twisties and significant elevation change. The route can be tweaked, albeit not with high precision. The map can be set to show known gas stops, known repair shops, and passes (also museums and something else). The best option is to be able to export the route in .gpx, Google Maps/Earth format, and a couple of others. GPX is fairly interchangeable with GPS'. For Garmin users, GPX goes into Base Camp very nicely. Note: don't bother with the "transfer route" check box. Base Camp won't recompute the route (maybe set up as "cross-country"?). The track option is the one to used to see the route.

I tried a route from Oslo, Norway to Stockholm, Sweden. No problem. London to anywhere in Great Britain (including Ireland)? No worries, mate.

The route summary gives distance and running time. I don't know how the latter is figured. Somehow "maximum open road speed allowed" won't fit for the roads with hairpins and serious twisties.

The route is presented with a nifty little profile of altitude v. distance from the start. But wait! There's more! Slide the mouse across the profile and a black dot, on the route, shows you where, on the route, your current elevation is. How cool is that?  :bigok:

Title: Re: New route planning tool (online)
Post by: RBEmerson on March 11, 2017, 12:31:14 am has gone through some updating changes, making it an even better tool for planning European rides on anything but the straight and narrow. That is, up to now.

Robin Boldt, who developed Kurviger, has now added support for world-wide route planning. I've used it on routes in the local area, where I've been able to check them with "ground truth". They check out very nicely and, in a couple of cases, showed me some routes I hadn't considered previously.

While place name recognition still needs some tuning (that is, typing in a place name for a start point, waypoint, or end point) it's generally accurate enough to leave only a bit of tweaking to put the pointer exactly where it's needed.

The final product can be exported as a .gpx file, accepted by Base Camp, for example. The route can be exported as a track, a set of waypoints, a route, or any combination of them. Additionally, the route can be retained and accessed by a URL available on the export page.

While Kurviger is free, I strongly recommend making a donation to keep the server running and Robin going as he works on this excellent tool.

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