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Title: LED Replacement for Parking Light - K1200RS
Post by: RBEmerson on April 09, 2017, 08:41:08 pm
The small bulb sitting in the headlight housing (for parking???) always looked like a bulb waiting to burn out just about the one time it's needed. Somewhere I read about an LED replacement found at Advanced Pep O'Reilly Zone Whatever. The replacement is a Sylvania Zevo 194 lamp. This rascal is bright(!). The really good news is the bulb's diameter is small enough to pass through the hole in the headlight housing. I tried an LED from - it was too large. This bulb went in like it'd lived there its whole life. Big tip: turn the ignition (and headlight) on before installing the bulb in the housing. If it doesn't light up, turn it 180 deg. to get the right polarity. Also, this can be done without removing any tupperware.

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