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Title: Hit Air Motorrad 2 Jacket
Post by: bubba zanetti on July 02, 2017, 05:51:39 pm
After my nasty crash last fall, I have been wearing extra armour around ribs. Bulky and hot under my RevIt Sand2, it never felt great. So after much debate and looking at TecVest and similar gear I concluded I needed an air vest that would inflate and give me the protection my still fragile rib cage needs.
Fortunately, there was a Canada group buy on ADV rider. I was initially confused between Helite and Hit Air. But upon digging, I discovered Hit Air Motorrad 2 jacket. It is redisigned with a larger co2 canister and inflates quicker than their typical vests. Still not quite as quick as Helte, but darn close. The inflated air bag offers great protection and the jacket looked good.


So I took the plunge and it is a great jacket. Looks good, quality materials and CE armour all around. Great venting, as I am discovering this week in our 36c temps. Full arm vents. Good sized body vents and exhaust on back. Not quite up to the venting of my RevIt, but close. A very good price too! So I bought one and really like it.

Lanyard attaches and unhooks easily one handed while gloved. The mechanism is well made and you forget you are wearing an air jacket. I put one of their stickers on my GPS mount as a visual reminder to unclick before getting off. But have mentally been treating it as a seat belt to ingrain the behaviour. So far it works great. The lanyard is Kevlar and easily adjusts. I have a bit of slack to allow partial standing.
I am a convert. If I had been wearing this when I lost my rear wheel, I would have been sparred many weeks of intense pain and months of healing. Chest trauma is the leading cause of motorcycle fatalities. I came pretty close.

Thought I would share a good product. Am not allowed to quote the price, but if interested PM me and I can let you know and where to get one

Title: Re: Hit Air Motorrad 2 Jacket
Post by: motrhead on July 02, 2017, 06:07:25 pm
 Glad to hear it is usable in the warm weather! It's been warm here in Kamloops.  I'm still making good use of the perforated Dainese jacket I got from you...and I would rather sweat than bleed any day! Thanks for the great deal.

Title: Re: Hit Air Motorrad 2 Jacket
Post by: todao on November 24, 2017, 09:32:11 pm
I've been wearing the Hit Air vest for about 4 years.  Never had it go off but it's another layer of protection.  It's unobtrusive and you get used to connecting and disconnecting.  It becomes second nature.

Saw at the MC show that Astars has now a vest that goes inside some of their leather suits that is all computer and gyroscope but the vest is $1100 plus the cost of the suit, another $1,000.  Until the technology evolves and prices come down, I'm staying with Hit Air.

Frankly, I'm not sure why many other riders don't use this technology.  It's inexpensive and seems to be a no brainer in terms of extra protection.

Title: Re: Hit Air Motorrad 2 Jacket
Post by: bubba zanetti on November 25, 2017, 10:44:32 am
After riding for the past 8 months with the jacket, I am impressed. Highly recommend. Regular price is $580 us. Which is a pretty good deal for that kind of protection. Going to pick up a waterproof, heated liner from warm and safe and voila !  Maybe the perfect gear set up

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