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Title: Upcoming trip - SF Bay area
Post by: noside on August 03, 2017, 09:29:24 am
Good day, all.

We will be doing a bike trip in the San Fran Bay area in a couple of weeks. We will be staying in Monterey for a few days and would love to do a portion of the Pacific Coast Highway south of there as a day trip. I know there has been a lot of issues with that road recently from watching the news and was wondering if anyone has any information regarding the condition/status of whatís passable or not and where. Iíve gone to the Caltran website but itís somewhat confusing for an out-of-stater. Even if we can do a portion of it, head inland to get around closures and then come back to it that would be something to consider. I realize the Big Sur area is pretty remote so there may not be ways around certain parts but Cal people will have infinitely more info than I can dig up on my own.

Also, the first legs of the ride looks like this:
San Fran to Kenwood, CA
Kenwood, CA to Alamo, CA
Alamo, CA to Monterey, CA
If anyone has any suggestions regarding nicer roads along those routes that will keep us off the slab as much as possible, without adding significant time (say, 1-2 hours) we're all ears.

Thanks in advance for any comments/suggestions.

Title: Re: Upcoming trip - SF Bay area
Post by: nevinfs327 on August 04, 2017, 12:46:42 pm
Hey there - a few thoughts for you:

- You can't get very far south of Monterrey on the Highway 1 right now.  Just to the top of Big Sur, a bit north of the Pfeiffer Canyon bridge.  The next paved route south is Naciemento-Ferguson Rd.  It's beautiful, a bit rough, and fairly slow going so expect to be riding for many hours.

- Highway 1 is open north from Santa Cruz all the way into SF.

- SF to Kenwood: take Hwy 1 north to 116 just south of Jenner, then work your way East on either 116 to 12 or stay north of Santa Rosa on River Rd.  If too much mileage, you can head east early.  Muir Woods worth a stop if you've never seen redwoods for an easy walk even in riding gear.  Hwy 1 north of the bridge has a detour on the Panoramic Hwy to Stinson Beach.

- Kenwood to Alamo: take Dry Creek/Oakville Rd to 29N then pick up 128 staying north of Napa. Winters is a nice town for a snack or lunch, or head south earlier on Pleasant Valley or even earlier on 121 to Wooden Valley. Freeways are most efficient from there.  The main route through Napa isn't very interesting riding and has a lot of traffic.

- A few options to get in a little back road riding, but mostly highway that won't add much time.  Most fun would be to get Mines Rd. out of Livermore, then 130 west to I5 to 152, or 130 East to 101.

These aren't really detailed, but Google Maps will give you a good sense of times for different options.


Title: Re: Upcoming trip - SF Bay area
Post by: noside on August 12, 2017, 02:03:44 pm
Thanks so much for your suggestions  :thumbsup:

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