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Title: 120 miles into Yosemite and back
Post by: Sport on September 16, 2017, 02:43:36 am
from my home.  I may live just 23 miles from the SW hiway 41 entrance (recently moved) but from home to the Valley floor visitor's center and back is 120 miles!  Took the CBX today (it's only 38 years old) and passed thru several burn areas on both sides of the road before I got to the Park.  At one time there were three fires between me and the Park, one inside the Park and one to the west of me and one to the east.  Smoke in the air was commonplace until just a few days ago.  Couldn't hardly believe the amount of downed trees in and just outside of the Park, hundreds and hundreds, no foolin.  Many were naturally down but many more were recently cut.  There must be hundreds of cords of wood on the ground.  Several more in the hundreds of dead burnt trees that haven't fallen yet.  In one valley I couldn't count the dead barren trees still sticking up like so many toothpicks stuck in the ground, no leaves, needles, nothing, just towering skinny trees above the scorched ground as far as I could see.  It was chilly too!  I wore two long sleeve Ts under a mesh jacket and it was just a bit too cool in the shade if I had been traveling far.  The Mariposa Grove where the big old growth trees are is closed for renovation.  The road to Glacier Pt. is also closed due to the fire debri and still active hot spots.  All other roads are open including 120 over the Tioga pass.  On my route the elevation was not quite 7,000'.  Saw signs for 5 and 6,000' so I (was) over a mile high.  At home I'm about 2,500' high.  Saw only a handful of riders but one, parked at the Center, was riding a Triumph Tiger 800 triple with a Missouri plate.  Talked with the young rider as he was changing gear for the trip out.  He was heading to the coast where he said he would ride north into Canada and then back into Montana on his way home.  I'm envious!  Sounds like a great ride.  Inside the Park construction crews are building traffic 'rounds'.  One is finished near the Center and it was comical watching drivers trying to figure it out. :lol:  I also found out that even 120 miles can be a hard ride after three hospital stays and the resultant laying around the house recuperating time I've endured the past three months.  Got stiff from the waist down, fatigue in my legs mostly.  I had a small tailbag and as the day wore on, I noticed I was scraping the top as I swung my leg over after a view point stop.  Gotta get my recumbent excercise bike outta the shed...oh yeah, I was (so) happy to have my forever old geezer pass as the entry fee for a motorcycle is $25!!!

Title: Re: 120 miles into Yosemite and back
Post by: motrhead on September 16, 2017, 12:35:00 pm
 Sounds like a wonderful ride. I am so jealous of you for that CBX! That must have been some amazing music...

Title: Re: 120 miles into Yosemite and back
Post by: Plus Ultra on September 18, 2017, 01:24:11 am
Im a little bit north of you and just about 100 miles from the Big Oak Flat entrance. And Ive been putting my old timer lifer pass to good use. Got it before the cost went up 8X. I found some forest service 2 track from Greely Hill that came out at the bridge in Kingsburg. Rode (my Africa Twin) through some incredible fire damage. And huge fire breaks. It was a post apocalyptic scene. Did it a few weeks ago during a hot spell. Cooled off in the Merced river and was dry by the time I got down to Snelling for a couple of cold ones. Between the bark beetles and the fires, the forests are getting roughed up.  

Title: Re: 120 miles into Yosemite and back
Post by: Sport on September 18, 2017, 03:52:36 am
Yeah that lifer pass is good to have.  I was planning a tour some years back and realized I would be riding thru several NPs and then it was only about $10 to enter.  With the ridiculous price now I'm sure glad I got it when I did.  I passed several fire roads on the way into the Park but with street tires (even on the CBX) :)  I didn't veer off the pavement.  That Twin must be a steady mount in the dirt. :thumbsup:

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