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Title: Too late to turn back now....
Post by: Osoblanco on December 11, 2017, 04:39:45 am
Well, that does it.  

My house in Edmonton is finally sold, so for all intents and purposes I am now a resident of Victoria BC.  I will miss my spacious garage and the extra space in the house, but there is no going back now (unless I can find a new spouse   :crazy:.  )


Now to the point - registering and insuring my bikes.  

I stumbled across the Adrenalin Motorcycle Co-op here in Victoria last week - looks like a good outfit.  Chatted with a fellow there who suggested that I could evade the clutches of ICBC (and thereby save myself significant $$$) by maintaining an Alberta address and registering/insuring in AB.    

My questions are 1) Is this legal? and 2) What sort of jeopardy am I facing if I do it?     Any advice??  (Anybody asks - I'm just visiting.   :p)

He also informed me that a vehicle inspection is not necessary in order to bring a motorcycle here from another province.  Apparently that only applies to cars/trucks.       True??

Wife and I drove out to the Sooke hills last week to gather some greenery.  Kangaroo Road, among others, looks like a fantastic place to take a motorcycle.  It's curvy, lots of elevation changes, and it's not hundreds of miles from home.  Vrooom!   :bigok: :bigok:

Any advice greatly appreciated.  

Anyone in the neighbourhood - lets get together for a coffee - or other beverage of your choice.


Title: Re: Too late to turn back now....
Post by: Oxblood on December 11, 2017, 01:32:29 pm
Tell those guys at the Co-op to stop smoking crack. According to the ICBC web page, if you are moving to BC you MUST register your vehicle within 30 days, and insure it with ICBC (the joys of the state owned monopoly). See for details. For good advice call Megson Fitzpatrick. They are a Victoria based insurance broker. They also sell one of the best sets of optional insurance through a private  company. Only optional insurance is available from private insurers. ALL liability insurance is provided solely by ICBC, and at very inflated rates.

As an example, I am in Metro Vancouver. My total bill for one year basic and optional is almost 1500. About 300 of  that is the privately provided optional insurance.

Good luck, and don't wince too much when you see the bills for ANY auto insurance in BC.

Title: Re: Too late to turn back now....
Post by: bubba zanetti on December 11, 2017, 10:03:22 pm
Hi Dave

Inspection is required, though it is cursory. My last two bikes came from Alberta. They only checked the VIN and if signals were present.

I would not insure in Alberta unless you are keeping an address.

Kai gives good advice re Megson Fitzpatrick. I insure with Echelon and it is cheap. Though prices vary depending on accident rates. Victoria has high incidence and I recall Dr Zorko priced it in Victoria and Megson was cheaper.

Humpback Rd is a good ride. So is Munns’s Rd. Near Colwood. Head out past Sooke and ride to Port Renfrew, then on to Cowichan Lake and home. Nice loop that was paved since I moved away. Riverbottom Rd near Duncan is a good ride out to Cowichan Lake from Paldi. Lots of backroads around Duncan just north of Mill Bay on the East Side. Yellow Point near Nanaimo is good riding too.  I used to ride West Saanich road out to Pat Bay, but it is likely choked with cars now. Get a good map. 😃

Of course the best ride from Dallas Rd is around Beach Driveover to the Willow’s Galley on Estevan in Oak Bay for awesome French Fries 🍟

Title: Re: Too late to turn back now....
Post by: bubba zanetti on December 12, 2017, 03:22:52 pm
PM sent

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