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Title: New Indian Scouts
Post by: rajflyboy on August 29, 2018, 10:04:41 pm

 Nice bikes but no back seats on any of them.   Can you add a back seat to any of them?   Is frame strong enough and or set up to do this?

Title: Re: New Indian Scouts
Post by: HipGnosis on September 02, 2018, 02:26:10 am

Plus many other mfg's

Title: Re: New Indian Scouts
Post by: rajflyboy on September 02, 2018, 08:00:56 pm
Thanks for posting  :thumbsup:

Build a back seat yourself  :thumbsup:

Title: Re: New Indian Scouts
Post by: HipGnosis on January 11, 2019, 09:07:45 am
I went by the semi-local dealer and checked them out, and got the accessory catalog.
I'm thinking of trading in my VStar 950(T) on a Scout (the 'std' one).
I'd probably be happy with the power of the Scout Sixty (1000cc) but I want the six speed transmission of the Scout (Std).
The color I really like; Ruby metallic, only comes on the Sixty.  
The smoke white matte looks nice, but also not avail. on the Std.

Adding the bits I want really racks up the price.  Rear seat, passenger pegs, floor boards (only avail for driver, which is the same as my VStar).
Oddly, the sissybar with a small rack in black, only comes with a black backrest (pad) - the std seats are tan.  And, it's $1,000!!
I don't care for the Indian windshields or saddlebags, so I'd go aftermarket for them.
They have adapters to move the foot controls a bit fwd or aft, but the stock location fit me better than my VStar.   There is also a mid-control kit, but that would be pretty cramped - like on the HD Street 750 I test rode.

The dealer had a Scout Sixty with a 1300cc big bore kit.  I assume that it came with the full warranty.
The salesman didn't know if the kit was available for the Std Scout - the internet tells me it is.

I don't understand why the bobber costs more - and I didn't see where the license plate goes, but didn't really look.

I found out the engines are made here in Wisc., and the bikes are assembled in Iowa, which is where my Dad is from.
And the Scout is about 100 lbs lighter than my VStar - but that is w/o the bits I'd add...

Title: Re: New Indian Scouts
Post by: Blue is Best on January 11, 2019, 08:08:34 pm
Good luck with your decision.

A year and a half ago when I started looking at a "day" bike to keep miles off my FJR1300 I really wanted to buy the Victory Octane. I looked at the Indian Scout too. The only thing that stopped the check book was the 3.4 gallon gas tank.

Title: Re: New Indian Scouts
Post by: HipGnosis on January 11, 2019, 10:41:53 pm
I'll be sure to check the trip-o- meter for readability and ease of use when I do a test ride come spring.

Title: Re: New Indian Scouts
Post by: HipGnosis on May 23, 2019, 11:19:31 pm
I test rode the Scout today.
It is noticably lighter than my VStar 950.  Which makes it nicer to ride.
The engine is noticably nicer - and it seems to more nicer than just an extra 180ccs.  It revs faster and has more power on top (where the VStar 950 runs out).
I like the guage on the bars.  It's a single guage, w/ gear indicator and digital RPM read-out (which I don't really care for).  The clock and odom/trip odom are easy to read.  The VStar clock/odom is NOT easy to read.  Changing what is displayed is easy to change with a button on the front of the left switch housing.

They only have a few new Scouts, so not all colors - I'm going to call and ask about getting other colors.
But they do have a 'used' (executive) '18, with only 42 miles, for >$3k less than a new one - and with 2 yr warr. It's got me thinking...

I'll also have to decide what Indian accessories I'd want...

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