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Title: Anyone know Tim from prairie du sac?
Post by: NDK on May 05, 2019, 09:55:30 pm
He lives on a cul de sac on the N side of town, drives a silver ram pickup and rides an FZ1 & a goldwing. I owe him a drink!

Here's the back story....

Head down to the Slimey Crud Run this morning. Having fun checking the bikes then chasing kids on the alphabet roads. I get to Leland and see my volt meter says 11 and doesn't move when I rev the bike. So I head towards home. I get just N of prairie du sac and the bike dies. Dead. So I start pushing. I get on the edge of town and see a guy heading towards me with a gas can. As he gets closer I say good idea but it won't help. I explain the situation and he invites me to his place to dig into the bike. I spend over an hour charging my battery. He gives me some water bottles & let's me remove some layers in his garage. Finally I head out. As I'm limping home I realized I never got his # or an email address.

The charge got me to Columbus where I got another charge from O'Reilly Auto parts. That 2nd charge got me to Oshkosh where I had my folks come pick me up & trailer the bike home.

So... If anyone knows Tim please tell him I got home safe and I owe him big time!

Title: Re: Anyone know Tim from prairie du sac?
Post by: Jeremy Z on May 07, 2019, 09:48:41 am
Stator went out?

Good story. You should find his address via Google Maps, make a note of it, and bring him a 12 pack some time, when you're passing through.

Title: Re: Anyone know Tim from prairie du sac?
Post by: NDK on May 13, 2019, 04:28:35 pm
I agree with you Jeremy, Tim definitely earned some barley pop. I'll never forget where his house is, so if I'm ever back there I can drop some off.

Short story on the bike - the R/R went out. I replaced it with a cheap $20 POS off ebay last spring. Lesson learned. This time I ponied up the cash for a Rick's Electronics unit and what a difference. The build quality of the Rick's R/R is way better & worth the $.

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