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Title: Mid Atlantic Duc Dealer poll
Post by: Emerson00 on August 29, 2007, 09:42:13 am
The big black Multi has a problem. Speed's has tried 3 times to fix it, taking as much as $920 in trying to do so; for that money I got no explanation "it's complicated", no new parts, and a bike that had the exact same problem when i picked it up (stalling at idle - I mean, it didn't idle, it would go right past idle on the way down and stall immediately). They said "oops, let's adjust the idle and see if it works..." Of course it did [for 3 months], but in the end I paid $900 plus to get the idle adjusted - a 2 minute service - which took nearly a month of waiting. :headscratch:

oh, now the new fella running the shop says "yeah, those remus make the bikes need adjustment every so many months, I think." THEY put the Remus on before I even bought it!

I need to get my 12k service within the month, and while it's at the shop I want the stalling issue fixed, too... I want to be certain that it's done right this time. Speed's is closest, Battley's a little further, and Duc Pond and FBF are almost 3 hours each way. :rolleyes:

Anyone willing to rave or rant about the above dealers, or any "other" within, say, 3 hours of Annapolis, MD?

Title: Re: Mid Atlantic Duc Dealer poll
Post by: mcskeeto on August 31, 2007, 11:57:57 pm
I've had great luck with Battley's. They are fast, accomodating and seem to know what they're doing. To be fair, most of my needs have been pretty straightforward. Service, oil change, tires etc. My 999s did have some crash damage they repaired effectively. When I bought my 1098, The did break the axle while changing the front tire. They quickly fixed this without any charge to me. Ferracci has a great reputation for tuning ducs but for your issue, I have no idea if they would be the best for that or not. Everyone's always raving about Donnie Unger at Ducpond, but the only face to face I had with him, he was somewhat rude. He seems to be very knowledgeable however  and I'm sure could resolve your issue.

Title: Re: Mid Atlantic Duc Dealer poll
Post by: badger on September 01, 2007, 12:54:51 am
1.  Emerson, you know where I stand.  :)

2.  McSkeeto, I believe you currently own my lust object.  You may leave it with me anytime you want... :drool:

Title: Re: Mid Atlantic Duc Dealer poll
Post by: jweicht on September 03, 2007, 08:30:29 am
The only services I've required so far have been in obtaining parts. I stopped in at Fast by Ferracci back in May while passing through that area and had them order a few simple OEM items. This led to the absolute worst experience I've ever had with any dealer, many phone calls (made on my part, unreturned on their part), parts never received, etc. It took two months to get it halfway straightened out after I cancelled the order and finally received a credit back to my card. I'll never attempt to deal with them again.

Then I went to Koup's in Harrisburg for the same items, they had them within two weeks and called me (twice) to let me know the parts were in. This is the way things should work.    

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