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xx Norway [mostly photographs] | 31 Aug 18
18:44:36 by Daniel Kalal | Views: 3768 | Comments: 12

Ride Reports

I've wanted to circle around the Scandinavian Mountains for years, so  finally put it on the schedule for mid-summer.  I wasn't sure how far  north I'd want to ride before crossing over the mountain and returning, but,  I built enough slack into the calendar that I could wait to make that  decision along the way.
Europe Motorcycle  Trip #20
For some reason, I've always assumed I'd make this trip by riding in a  large clock-wise circle; and, that's what I did.  Beyond that, I  carried a map showing previous trips across Germany that I could  use as a reference to make sure I didn't repeat any roads either coming  or...

xx Ireland [mostly and many photographs] | 25 Jun 18
22:29:11 by Daniel Kalal | Views: 4070 | Comments: 12

Ride Reports

This is a ride from Italy to Brittany, ferry to England and Wales, ferry  to Ireland, and then ferry back to France and Italy.
Several years back (in 2013), I did a ride that was something similar,  but took a direct ferry from France to Ireland and skipped England and  Wales, altogether.  That one was done with just eleven days of riding.   I'll have more time on this ride; there will be less rushing about.
Yes; this is the same ride that I started last year, but that one was  cut short.  Not wanting to leave things unfinished, I planned to  complete that ride this year.
Europe Motorcycle Trip #19
I've made th...

xx The Center of the World | 25 Jun 18
06:07:30 by SunDevil98 | Views: 8633 | Comments: 7

Ride Reports
Getting the bike ready for an August trip from GA to Alaska and back. It's been a few months since I've been on the bike, and now I'm trying to get back into it. My buddy and I took a 3 hour ride yesterday and visited the Georgia Guidestones, and The Center of the World.

It was a typical day here in the southeast. Hot and humid. The temperature was hovering around the 90į mark with about 90% humidity, and no rain.

During this ride I also had the opportunity to try out my new Bead Rider seat cover, Mob Armor phone mount, and my Tour Master Epic Air boots. I'll give a review on all the stuff later when I have more time using them.

xx 2700 Twisty Miles Through, VA, NC, TN, WV and OH | 24 May 18
16:16:18 by kendenton | Views: 9064 | Comments: 9

Ride Reports
2700 Twisty Miles Through, VA, NC, TN, WV and OH

I had such a great time riding the roads around Sparta, NC for the first time on last yearís ESTO meet that I planned another trip down there this year.  I had 7 open days before I wanted to be at an event at Kingís Island near Cincinnati OH so, with the help of some folks here, I laid out a leisurely route from NJ to OH by way of Virginia, North Carolina, Tennessee, West Virginia and Ohio.  Joined, as I often am, by Dave and Peter (nearlyseventy and gasgauge).  Peter was eager to explore more of SE Ohioís roads since you may recall his bike got run over by a tow truck last year after one day in the area and was totaled.  

I took the usual route from southern NJ to get to Front R...

xx Judith Gap, Montana [mostly photographs] | 17 May 18
10:30:09 by Daniel Kalal | Views: 10865 | Comments: 15

Ride Reports

Judith Gap is between two mountains in central Montana: the Little Belt  Mountains and the Big Snowy Mountains.  It is the natural north-south  route that has been used for centuries, perhaps most famously by Chief  Joseph and his bands of Nez Perce during the Nez Perce War of 1877.
Montana-191 is the highway over the gap; it's a road I've not ever  ridden.  That's my goal for this trip.  The rest of this seemingly  random route was just avoiding rain (as best I could), although I did manage  to hit a few more stretches of roads that were new to me (especially in North  Dakota).


xx Global thermonuclear ride; Mt. Rushmore, Badlands and Devilís Tower | 25 Dec 17
17:26:56 by jspringator | Views: 12547 | Comments: 11

Ride Reports
My 60th birthday was on the horizon.  The big six zero is a reminder that I donít have all the time in the world left; you should not not put off things that you are able to do now. Originally this ride was scheduled to be in early June. It got pushed back to July.  I already had scheduled the days off, so I went to the Grand Canyon, Monument Valley, Moki Dugway, Valley of the Gods and Moab in the convertible with my wife.  When this ride was scheduled in July, I could take the time off, so I did.  I donít know if I will ever have the opportunity to go back.

This event was organized by the guys from the Nighthawk forum.  Tim, Nick, Guy, Gary and I attended.  Great group of guys to ride with.
This was a trailering event.  The distance...

xx 2017 Year in Review | 29 Nov 17
15:27:23 by Acadian Rider | Views: 10800 | Comments: 5

Well, the 2017 riding season is now officially over for me. I started riding on April 10 and my last ride was on Oct 31st. Altogether I did 14,464 kms (8,987 miles).  Not great numbers but I plan to do more than that in one trip next year. Iíll have more on that later.

As I did last year, I am sharing some of the highlights of the year just ended. I will try to keep it as short as possible. I will also talk about some off topic highlights and include some pictures. 

Some of the pictures that I am posting for this report were posted in previous threads but thanks to Photobucket, they are all gone from the interwebs now. 


After years of riding mostly paved roads I decided to make a change t...

xx ...canary islands [many photographs] | 27 Nov 17
20:57:58 by Daniel Kalal | Views: 9006 | Comments: 12

Ride Reports
Several years ago while riding in Ireland, I met a couple from the Canary  Islands who were on holiday; they were enthusiastic about their home and  suggested I visit.  But, after looking into the ferry schedules from Cadiz,  Spain I dismissed it as being impractical (at least at that time).
Jump ahead to last February and a Facebook post by Mauricio Sedů (on the  Moto Guzzi National Owners Club page) in response to a cold European rider  who was bemoaning the current weather.  ďCome to the Canary Islands!Ē  said Mauricio.
I've no idea if that cold European ever followed through; but, I did.   I immediately contacted Mauricio and made arrangements for some sort of Guzzi  to...

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