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xx 2700 Twisty Miles Through, VA, NC, TN, WV and OH | 24 May 18
16:16:18 by kendenton | Views: 8032 | Comments: 9

Ride Reports
2700 Twisty Miles Through, VA, NC, TN, WV and OH

I had such a great time riding the roads around Sparta, NC for the first time on last yearís ESTO meet that I planned another trip down there this year.  I had 7 open days before I wanted to be at an event at Kingís Island near Cincinnati OH so, with the help of some folks here, I laid out a leisurely route from NJ to OH by way of Virginia, North Carolina, Tennessee, West Virginia and Ohio.  Joined, as I often am, by Dave and Peter (nearlyseventy and gasgauge).  Peter was eager to explore more of SE Ohioís roads since you may recall his bike got run over by a tow truck last year after one day in the area and was totaled.  

I took the usual route from southern NJ to get to Front R...

xx Judith Gap, Montana [mostly photographs] | 17 May 18
10:30:09 by Daniel Kalal | Views: 9358 | Comments: 15

Ride Reports

Judith Gap is between two mountains in central Montana: the Little Belt  Mountains and the Big Snowy Mountains.  It is the natural north-south  route that has been used for centuries, perhaps most famously by Chief  Joseph and his bands of Nez Perce during the Nez Perce War of 1877.
Montana-191 is the highway over the gap; it's a road I've not ever  ridden.  That's my goal for this trip.  The rest of this seemingly  random route was just avoiding rain (as best I could), although I did manage  to hit a few more stretches of roads that were new to me (especially in North  Dakota).


xx Global thermonuclear ride; Mt. Rushmore, Badlands and Devilís Tower | 25 Dec 17
17:26:56 by jspringator | Views: 11229 | Comments: 11

Ride Reports
My 60th birthday was on the horizon.  The big six zero is a reminder that I donít have all the time in the world left; you should not not put off things that you are able to do now. Originally this ride was scheduled to be in early June. It got pushed back to July.  I already had scheduled the days off, so I went to the Grand Canyon, Monument Valley, Moki Dugway, Valley of the Gods and Moab in the convertible with my wife.  When this ride was scheduled in July, I could take the time off, so I did.  I donít know if I will ever have the opportunity to go back.

This event was organized by the guys from the Nighthawk forum.  Tim, Nick, Guy, Gary and I attended.  Great group of guys to ride with.
This was a trailering event.  The distance...

xx 2017 Year in Review | 29 Nov 17
15:27:23 by Acadian Rider | Views: 10064 | Comments: 5

Well, the 2017 riding season is now officially over for me. I started riding on April 10 and my last ride was on Oct 31st. Altogether I did 14,464 kms (8,987 miles).  Not great numbers but I plan to do more than that in one trip next year. Iíll have more on that later.

As I did last year, I am sharing some of the highlights of the year just ended. I will try to keep it as short as possible. I will also talk about some off topic highlights and include some pictures. 

Some of the pictures that I am posting for this report were posted in previous threads but thanks to Photobucket, they are all gone from the interwebs now. 


After years of riding mostly paved roads I decided to make a change t...

xx ...canary islands [many photographs] | 27 Nov 17
20:57:58 by Daniel Kalal | Views: 7718 | Comments: 12

Ride Reports
Several years ago while riding in Ireland, I met a couple from the Canary  Islands who were on holiday; they were enthusiastic about their home and  suggested I visit.  But, after looking into the ferry schedules from Cadiz,  Spain I dismissed it as being impractical (at least at that time).
Jump ahead to last February and a Facebook post by Mauricio Sedů (on the  Moto Guzzi National Owners Club page) in response to a cold European rider  who was bemoaning the current weather.  ďCome to the Canary Islands!Ē  said Mauricio.
I've no idea if that cold European ever followed through; but, I did.   I immediately contacted Mauricio and made arrangements for some sort of Guzzi  to...

xx Romania [many, many photographs] | 30 Oct 17
09:58:03 by Daniel Kalal | Views: 8060 | Comments: 10

Ride Reports
For many of us, when we think of the great mountain ranges of Europe, we  think of the Alps, the Pyrenees and perhaps the long Scandinavian Mountains.   But, of course, we know there are others.
This trip was planned to be a ride of the entire length of the Carpathian  Mountains (the second longest in Europe), which extend from Serbia, across  Romania, through Ukraine and Poland and end in Slovakia, not all that far  from the east end of the Alps.
Europe motorcycle trip #17
Leaving on a Friday is generally easier, as that puts me in Italy for the  first two non-riding days over the weekend.  Also, starting the ride...

xx Biking the Balkans | 18 Oct 17
15:04:56 by Mrs. DantesDame | Views: 7614 | Comments: 6

Ride Reports
Ok, so the title is a bit more "grand" than the actual countries covered, but it had a nice ring to it, and simply saying "Croatia" would not have been sufficient.

And since it was a really long trip, I am not about copy/paste it all here, so here is a link to Day 1!

There are 15 days in all, and I have finished up Days 1-7 so far.

Here we are on Day 1 and just heading out!

xx North Carolina 2017 | 12 Oct 17
23:19:13 by extrapolator | Views: 1823 | Comments: 0

Me and 3 buds did another long weekend trip from FL to NC/TN and back. Me and my ZRX bud trailered ours; 2 FJR buds rode theirs.

Fri Drove to Morganton GA to sleep at ZRX friend's inlaws' house, ~10 miles south of the GA-NC state line.

Sat morning rode north to Tellico Plains (west end of the Cherohala Skyway), ate lunch then rode the Cherohala west-to-east to Robbinsville (Cherohala's east end); I forgot how big and fast its curves are YIKES. Then north on US129 to Deal's Gap (east end of the Tail of the Dragon). Poked around at the Deal's Gap resort for a bit, then tried to ride the Dragon. Made it thru just a few curves, came around a corner and found traffic at a stand still: Accident of some kind. Dunno what;...

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