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xx New Zealand: South Island series | 22 Dec 09
06:07:11 by obsidian | Views: 3212 | Comments: 12

Ride Reports
We had started these videos awhile ago, but then ended up overseas on a job.  These are short 4-6 minute HD videos shot on an around South Island New Zealand trip.  There will be 6 all up.  I'll edit the initial post as I add them weekly to keep all the videos at the top.  Enjoy. Bigsmile

NZ: South Island series - Prologue


xx Press Release: Kawasaki Pulls Out of AMA Pro Racing | 20 Dec 09
18:43:23 by UFO | Views: 6232 | Comments: 21

This has made the rounds for the past day or so, but here's the official press release.  Sad time for racing....

IRVINE, Calif. (Dec. 18, 2009) ó Kawasaki Motors Corp., U.S.A. announced the company will not participate in the AMA Pro Racing road racing series in 2010.

"While we've always considered road racing an integral part of our sportbike development process, the realities of the current economic situation dictate the temporary suspension of our U.S. road racing activities," said Bruce Stjernstrom, marketing director.

Kawasaki's long history of successful road racing includes 20 AMA series championships. Among the many champions who have worn the Kawasaki lime

xx 2010 Aprilia RSV4-R Review [] | 20 Dec 09
02:06:36 by UFO | Views: 3841 | Comments: 7

Kevin Ash give us his impressions of the new RSV4-R from his test ride in Estoril (Portugal) this month.

The engine is well endowed with torque, no just in the muscular mid-range but down low too, and will rescue wrong gear riding or as at Estoril, allow you to slip up a ratio and ride the torque in variable grip conditions without losing much from your lap times Ė this is a forgiving motor, as well as a very exciting one, and if the previous superbike Iíd ridden hadnít been the shockingly fast S 1000 RR would have completely wowed me.

Itíll take a direct comparison test (and what a test thatís going to be!) to eke out the real differences a...

xx Honda NT700V Deauville Test [] | 18 Dec 09
14:57:43 by atadaskew | Views: 29753 | Comments: 102

They liked it but mentioned that due to lack of 6th gear, it felt happiest at 65mph.

Selling in the EU since 1999, the Honda Deauville has been serving as a popular commuter and weekender-touring bike where short trips are more common. Since weíve got this big olí piece of land and wanna take everything with us when we travel, Honda has been offering the American market the full-touring capable ST1300. However, not everyone can afford the $15-grand or the vacation time these days, thus the NT700V gets dropped on our doorstep for next year as a smaller sibling to the bigger ST. In fact itís already at your local dealership.

At the core of thi

xx [Poll] What would you like to see more of at ST.N? | 18 Dec 09
02:20:18 by UFO | Views: 7506 | Comments: 36

General News
Assuming ST.N had the ability in the future to provide one (or more of the following), please click through to the poll and choose your top 4.

Furthermore, if you're so inclined to assist further, please post and rank all of the above from 1 (highly desired) to 9 (not desired/don't care).

In addition, if further inclined, please post any ideas you'd like to see that I may have forgotten.


xx BMW S1000RR Group Test [] | 18 Dec 09
01:42:04 by UFO | Views: 7638 | Comments: 37

In our world first group test we pit the BMW S1000RR against the class-leading Yamaha R1, Honda's revised-for-2010 Fireblade, the brutal Kawasaki ZX-10R and the Suzuki GSX-R1000. Watch the video for action from the test in the South of France...


xx 2010 Kawasak Z1000 Review [] | 15 Dec 09
02:06:12 by UFO | Views: 30657 | Comments: 60

Kawasaki puts the new Z1000 through the paces.  Yes, it looks like something straight out of a Transformers movie, but it's economical performance if the aesthetics appeal.

Kawi says the engine spits out 138 crankshaft horsepower at 9600 revs, which will likely convert to nearly 125 ponies at the rear tire. Torque is rated at a considerable 81.1 ft-lbs at 7800 rpm. After wringing the Zee's neck (and later my rain gear) romping around the soggy Cambria, California, I can say that not many people will be wishing for more power.

Suspension is by Showa. The 41mm inverted fork now includes compression-damping adjustability to

xx Ride through New South Wales and Queensland [a trip report] | 06 Dec 09
19:53:04 by Daniel Kalal | Views: 8792 | Comments: 19

Ride Reports

Back in 2007, I borrowed Pete Roper's yellow Moto Guzzi Griso, and rode south from Bungendore, across to Tasmania and then through Victoria, and back.  That was a very good trip, and I really enjoyed riding through Australia. Earlier this year, I rode a Guzzi Stelvio from Italy to Norway.  Generally, I just do one decent sized trip each year, filling out the year with dozens of two and three-day trips.  But, this year, I had more available time than usual.  Would it be too much to borrow Pete's bike, again?

Sydney.  I had a few hours.  I was impressed by the rail system.  Easy to use, and frequent enough to make it  conv...

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