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xx Romania [many, many photographs] | 30 Oct 17
09:58:03 by Daniel Kalal | Views: 9088 | Comments: 10

Ride Reports
For many of us, when we think of the great mountain ranges of Europe, we  think of the Alps, the Pyrenees and perhaps the long Scandinavian Mountains.   But, of course, we know there are others.
This trip was planned to be a ride of the entire length of the Carpathian  Mountains (the second longest in Europe), which extend from Serbia, across  Romania, through Ukraine and Poland and end in Slovakia, not all that far  from the east end of the Alps.
Europe motorcycle trip #17
Leaving on a Friday is generally easier, as that puts me in Italy for the  first two non-riding days over the weekend.  Also, starting the ride...

xx Biking the Balkans | 18 Oct 17
15:04:56 by Mrs. DantesDame | Views: 8622 | Comments: 6

Ride Reports
Ok, so the title is a bit more "grand" than the actual countries covered, but it had a nice ring to it, and simply saying "Croatia" would not have been sufficient.

And since it was a really long trip, I am not about copy/paste it all here, so here is a link to Day 1!

There are 15 days in all, and I have finished up Days 1-7 so far.

Here we are on Day 1 and just heading out!

xx North Carolina 2017 | 12 Oct 17
23:19:13 by extrapolator | Views: 2305 | Comments: 0

Me and 3 buds did another long weekend trip from FL to NC/TN and back. Me and my ZRX bud trailered ours; 2 FJR buds rode theirs.

Fri Drove to Morganton GA to sleep at ZRX friend's inlaws' house, ~10 miles south of the GA-NC state line.

Sat morning rode north to Tellico Plains (west end of the Cherohala Skyway), ate lunch then rode the Cherohala west-to-east to Robbinsville (Cherohala's east end); I forgot how big and fast its curves are YIKES. Then north on US129 to Deal's Gap (east end of the Tail of the Dragon). Poked around at the Deal's Gap resort for a bit, then tried to ride the Dragon. Made it thru just a few curves, came around a corner and found traffic at a stand still: Accident of some kind. Dunno what;...

cheesy The Eclipsing Monumental BIG TRIP!!! | 17 Sep 17
23:32:49 by Grnarrowe | Views: 14715 | Comments: 29

Ride Reports
The Lurker wanted a ride report, so without further ado.......

Let's get to it!

The Prologue

This will be another Grnarrowe/Ears lengthy ride report.

We will cover 13 states, 10 Tour of Honor sites, 9 National parks, 4 National Monuments, 1 National Historic Site, 1 State park and a giant Chicken.
(These numbers may change as I write this and remember that we stopped elsewhere.)

So, you may be asking how this trip came about.

Well, I'm glad you asked.

2016 was a bust, quite literally, and we would need to get away from all of the negativity of 2016, so a quick review.


xx North Cascades National Park to Mt Baker's Artist Point | 25 Aug 17
19:29:06 by Daboo | Views: 2908 | Comments: 4

Ride Reports
So on Tuesday, a couple friends from Spokane (Chris and Joe, aka Frosty)  and myself met up at Colonial Creek Campground in the North Cascades National Park.  The plan was to meet there.  Camp overnight and depart for Artist Point on Wednesday.  

Got a late start for myself and rolled into the adjacent campsite a short time after Chris and Joe showed up.  After dinner was over, I wanted to check out the lighting on the Washington Pass Overlook (on the opposite side of the park) and Liberty Bell mountain.  

The pics with the time stamp in the lower right corner are taken with my Sena 10C Bluetooth and camera.  They can look a bit distorted at times.

So here's what it looked like with the sun coming down on the way over to the Washin...

xx Trippin' Connies 9 - Snowed Out | 22 Aug 17
21:12:06 by klb1122 | Views: 8591 | Comments: 52

Ride Reports

With Alaska out of the question (for now), I thought about the places Iíve yet to see that would be worthy of a Trippiní Connies trip.  The first place that came to mind was Crater Lake National Park.  I brought it up to dad and he didnít have any objections, so I began planning this yearís route around a ride through there.  I initially planned on 10 days, taking my required 10 consecutive days off of work.  When I told me wife I would be leaving on Wednesday, she asked why.  I explained to her that I was trying to not be gone for too long, and she basically said 2 extra days wasnít going to kill her, so just leave on Monday.  She's the best and there was no need for her to repeat her...

xx A day ride and some local Michigan history (pic heavy) | 27 Jul 17
07:42:47 by CLAY | Views: 3123 | Comments: 5

Ride Reports
My buddy Jack and I go back about 20 years.  Really close for 4-5, then life happens.  Since then, we still get together pretty much every year for a nice ride+lunch.  I figured it would be a good excuse to move the Michigan Phototag (over at .n) since it was in an area I don't ride a lot.

We met down in Three Rivers and headed to Cassopolis.  The phototagwas there.  It's pretty cool- a fully restored (complete with vehicles and all details) Sinclair gas station.  Pictures:


xx Coastering across PA | 06 Jul 17
11:40:44 by kendenton | Views: 2976 | Comments: 7

Conneaut Knoebels Ride

Thursday - Home to Dubois, PA

I took a few days before a family trip to Knoebels to ride across PA and hit my other favorite little amusement park, Conneaut Lake. Got an early start on Thursday and was on the road about 8:15am. The theme of the morning get-to-the-good-stuff part of the ride would turn out to be trucks, truck, and even more trucks. If it wasn't slow pickup trucks it was belching tractor trailers, but none were as much fun as the dump truck on 41 showering me with mulch. Stopped at the Gap WaWa to gas up and clean up.

897 was fun as always, except when one side of my new smoked visor popped off on one side. Got off route a little bit after that until Gold Mine Ro...

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