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xx 2010 Ducati Hypermotard 1100 EVO and EVO SP [Raptors & Rockets] | 25 Nov 09
00:44:18 by UFO | Views: 2536 | Comments: 2

Raptors & Rockets has posted a Youtube video from their attendance of the Hypermotard 1100 launch in Sardinia recently.  Plenty of cool off and onboard footage of the new Hypermotards.

Raptors & Rockets

xx 2010 Kawasaki Z1000 First Ride Video [MCN] | 25 Nov 09
00:33:38 by UFO | Views: 12639 | Comments: 31

Yes, the new Z1000 is a "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" type of bike, but MCN seems to like it a lot "for the road."  Pshhhhhhh...who buys bikes for "the road" anymore?  MCN claims it's better than the FZ1 and the CB1000 (which we can't get here).

Check out the video below:


xx 2010 Bimota DB7R Diavolo Rosso [Visor Down] | 25 Nov 09
00:20:41 by UFO | Views: 4795 | Comments: 8

Ride Reports
Oh my...what's this?  It's the new 164 hp, 362 lb (dry) Bimota DB7R that's encased in never ending bits of exotica and enough structural carbon fiber to choke a horse.  What's the catch you ask?  It'll only run you $59,950.

Get out your checkbooks!

Weighing in at a hefty $59,950 (£36,500) the Diavolo gets a load-bearing carbon-fibre frame, swingarm, and matching carbon-fibre fuel tank, a GPS dash from GET Electronic Systems that provides all the usual data, plus lap times. There's also a GPS-driven 2-D track map with enough storage for up to 100 of your fave racing circuits

See more images over at...

xx 2010 Yamaha FZ8? | 23 Nov 09
08:58:55 by Schneegz | Views: 57553 | Comments: 88

From MCN: The rumors were true!

2010 Yamaha FZ8: official first picture

By Chris Newbigging -

Yamaha has unveiled this first official picture of the new FZ8 middleweight naked – but nothing else.

There’s no information or pictures beyond this headlight shot – Yamaha UK wasn’t even aware of the picture’s release!

It is believed the FZ8 will replace Yamaha’s current FZ6 models as a sporty middleweight naked, leaving the XJ6, XJ6 Diversion and the new-for-2010 XJ6 Diversion F to cater for the novice and all-rounder markets.


xx 2010 BMW S1000RR First Ride [] | 22 Nov 09
01:39:32 by UFO | Views: 5967 | Comments: 10

BMW has put up their 2010 BMW S1000RR impressions from the recent press junket in Portugal.  Does the new hyper-Beemer live up to the hype and expectations, and can it compete with the Japanese and Italian manufacturers in the hearts of performance freaks everywhere?  Read on...

Without shooting myself in the foot before we get the BMW back to the U.S. for a proper shootout, I can tell you this bike impressed more than any production motorcycle in recent memory. Utterly amazing power harnessed by a communicative chassis and very adjustable suspension, plus high-tech electronics, make for a bike that should no doubt push the envelope o...

xx Rumor: Suzuki Not Releasing 2010 Line in America | 19 Nov 09
23:01:57 by UFO | Views: 27419 | Comments: 50

Hell For Leather ( is reporting that there will be no streetbikes imported in to the American market for 2010 until 2009 inventory is bought down, and then probably as 2011 models.  I've also heard this rumor from other sources.  Hey, there's always Canada...

According to an internal source, Suzuki will import no GSX-Rs or other streetbikes into the American market for 2010 as the unsold 2009 models on dealer floors are expected to satisfy demand. Overall, US motorcycle sales through the first three quarters of this year total just 434,370 compared to 771,950 during the same period last year, a drop of 44 percent. Suzuki has announced no ne...

xx MCN Video: 1st Ride of S1000RR | 19 Nov 09
11:13:23 by Schneegz | Views: 1408 | Comments: 4

The reporter is exceedingly boring, but MCN has this to say about the bike:

"the handling will make other manufacturers wince with embarrassment."

Head over to MCN for more.


xx Grace: An Electric Motorcycle Disguised as a Bike | 19 Nov 09
00:12:48 by UFO | Views: 6359 | Comments: 30

General News
I thought this was pretty cool.  Not really motorcycle or sport-touring related but it does have an engine and two wheels.  What is cool is having an oversized mountain bike capable of 40 mph, going 25 miles before recharge, and only costing $1.40 per 100 miles to operate.  What's not cool?  The $8800 price tag!!

The Li-ion battery powered bike can hit 45km/h (28mph), powered by a 1.3KW motor (this is actually limited by law — some hacking will get you up to 65km/h, or 40mph), and it will run for an average of 25 miles before needing a recharge. To stop you again, the stiff aluminum bike is equipped with disk brakes front and rear.

Read the full article...

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