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xx Versys, Jeep and Camping! A great 2up Journey | 29 Jun 17
15:18:17 by lobo10s | Views: 891 | Comments: 0

Ride Reports
Jamie and I had a fantastic 10 day trip. We got to see a part of the country that we do not get to visit very often. I have completed the ride report. It is 8 pages and has many pictures attached. I am posting the link to the Report as it is too lengthy to re post here on the forum. I will also post a few images that might get you excited about the ride report.

Read about the trip here:

See all of the pictures here:...

smiley Southwest England | 22 Jun 17
14:07:17 by Orson | Views: 1898 | Comments: 7

I arrived in Ol' Blighty not sure if I would head north or south until I got the weather outlook. South didn't look very good and north looked even worse. I began the trip from Shropshire by cutting over into Wales to catch the A483, an old favorite that cuts a twisty path into South Wales. A Tunnel of green

and on into the Exmoor National Park where there are some comfortable roads that match the Truxton's engine output

An Exmoor village


xx Jay and Lisa's archived ride reports | 02 Apr 17
17:33:44 by jay547 | Views: 41127 | Comments: 218

I posted in the "what happened to the forum thread" that I would post up some of our old ride reports, so here it goes.

My ride reports are generally rides that my wife and I do. Many times, my daughter Kristin joined us, a few are my solo rides, and occasionally other riders have come along. Most are in Oklahoma, several in Arkansas, and a few in other states. These were all written for a private, members-only type forum because my wife was uncomfortable with making them public. Now, she says it's okay to post them.

My reports are primarily picture reports and light on the text. They are mostly dual-sport, country road type rides but we do a few longer rides on our street bikes too. I try to include a little of the history or backgro...

xx tankhead goes west again...... | 04 Mar 17
19:56:34 by tankhead | Views: 3994 | Comments: 18

In April I will be boarding a flight from Phila, Pa to fly to Rapid City to pick up my 2014 Yamaha Super Tenere from a hell of a nice guy, Gregg.  I will be sending out my camping gear early. Here is the list.

tent footprint
sleeping pad
Sleeping bag
AXE (hand sized)
yellow blanket
camp stove (wood burn)

I am also sending out these items to set up when I get there:

Heat troller
battery cable for heated jacket
tire inflator
patch kit
cold weather gloves.
100oz. Camelback Mule

Carry on:
Helmet with Sena com
Riding Jacket
Riding Pants
Riding Boots
Minimal clothing (cold weather gear, jeans, shoes)

I intend to ride with Gregg for two days around that beautiful area of SD and then head through t...

xx A Ride to Adelboden | 27 Feb 17
15:04:11 by Mrs. DantesDame | Views: 3356 | Comments: 11

Ok, going to post the full content because someone (*Blue* *cough* *Best*) was complaining about a lack of motorcycle content. And since i have 1)  a motorcycle, 2) good weather and 3) time, here is a fresh ride report.

Feast your eyes, suckers!!  Cool

It was my birthday and there was only one thing I wanted: to ride my motorcycle with Dan into the mountains and have lunch under a sunny sky. To my delight, the day was sunny and the roads were clear. My only problem was my thumb: five days earlier I had a little accident on my bicycle and badly sprained the thumb on my right hand. I could use the hand (Hey! Look at me typing this up!) but it would not very comfortable on the throttle. Oh well - it was my birthday and I didn't care!...

xx Grand tour of Japan | 28 Dec 16
07:12:37 by Ironchef | Views: 3837 | Comments: 15

Some more photos of Japan from me.

Got sidelined before posting so these were taken October just prior to the leaves changing colour in earnest.

My original plan was to ride north to see the autumn colours which start sooner but some of those prefectures got smashed up with a typhoon and then one of my favourite areas south is still rebuilding from a devastating earthquake so I did a bit of each way instead.

I rode up to near Mt Bandai volcano and then did a loop the next day there, wonderful roads. Then two incredible routes in high mountains to historic Nikko region.


xx 2016 Year in Review | 25 Nov 16
18:50:46 by Acadian Rider | Views: 5349 | Comments: 14

Now that my 2016 riding season is over, I am summarizing it with one Ride Report instead of posting several.  

2016 was an important year for me. I turned 60 and I retired in April. You would think that after retirement I would ride more but that was not the case.  Instead of riding more I actually ran more and finished the year with three races (1 x 5k, 2 x 10k).  Maybe Iíll shoot for a Ĺ marathon next year. Sue and I also did an 18 day trip to Ireland.  

O.K., back to riding.  I rode 11,765 km (7,310 miles) this year. I did two rides that were longer than one day and several day trips in NB, NS and PEI.  I took some pictures on some rides but not on all of them.  Hereís a summary of the rides where I took some pictures:  


xx Lack of colors fall ride - Arkansas Style | 12 Nov 16
14:13:04 by lobo10s | Views: 3161 | Comments: 5

Had a great 4 days and 1285 mile journey last weekend. The colors had not changed but the weather was amazing and those Arkansas Twisty roads did not disappoint. What a fun ride.

I have a ride report here:

I have also included a couple of pictures to set the tone....

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