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xx ...Italy to Benelux [mostly photographs] | 06 Oct 13
14:45:45 by Daniel Kalal | Views: 21909 | Comments: 17


You don't often hear of Belgium, Luxembourg or The Netherlands as being one  of the great destinations for motorcycle riding. These countries don't have  high mountains, nor do they have spectacular vistas from scenic winding  roads. On the other hand, the Great Plains do not have any of those  things, either, but I still like riding in Kansas and Nebraska. I've never been; so, let's see what the Benelux countries have to offer. As with all previous European trips (this is my ninth), I would start  riding on Monday, and finish riding the Friday of the next week. By  leaving Wichita early Friday morning I'd have two nights in Italy to adjust  to the new time zone.


xx Alps 2013 - Viva La France! | 10 Sep 13
16:14:41 by kendenton | Views: 27843 | Comments: 53

Alps 2013

This report won't be as wordy as some of my past ones - I didn't keep my usual journal while on the trip. Fortunately Peter came through with some great notes to help jog my memory.

We began this ride a little earlier in the season than usual because I had some work obligations that couldn't be changed. That decision turned out to have a big impact on our choice of routes as we went along.

As much as I love the Dolomites (and I LOVE the Dolomites), we all definitely wanted to cover new ground on this trip. We narrowed it down to the Pyrenees in eastern Spain or the southern Alps in France, wi...

xx Another weekend ride - and I added two new countries to my list! | 05 Sep 13
03:43:07 by Mrs. DantesDame | Views: 28096 | Comments: 21

August 31-September 1, 2013

Summer's end was rapidly approaching and it was only right to continue to take advantage of the region's roads before the snow began to fly and the alpine passes closed for the winter. It was decided that myself, Dan, Bob and his wife Niki would take off for the weekend, riding to an undetermined destination. We had discussed a general loop that would take us into southern Germany, around Lake Constance (Bodensee) and then drop us into the Appenzell region of Switzerland.

Saturday morning dawned bright but Dan decided not to go on the ride. Awesome husband that he is, ...

xx Trippin' Connies 5: Glacial Express | 28 Aug 13
18:30:11 by klb1122 | Views: 39180 | Comments: 61

Itís that time of year again.  The Connies have been fitted with new tires and filled with fresh oil.  Routes and reservations have been made.  Itís time to see some new sights, check several more states off the list, and get some fresh air.  I love taking these trips, but I always leave with a heavy heart, especially this year being away from my daughter and pregnant wife.  I canít thank my wife enough for her understanding.  

Day 1 - 7/27/2013 - Houston, TX to Salina, KS - 681 Miles,-96.7996234+to:Comfort+Suites,+West+Schilling...

xx Andiamo! A trip to Manarola, Italy | 06 Aug 13
07:46:21 by Mrs. DantesDame | Views: 16536 | Comments: 20

Link to the webpage

orson has just lost his right to complain about me not taking a "real" bike ride around here: I've been to the Mediterranean and back  

There's a helluva lot of information from this ride, even though it only took place over 4 days. Or maybe I should say, "I put a helluva a lot of information" into this ride  Bigsmile  Therefore, I'm going to break up the pages into four, one for each day. Day 1 is linked above, and I'll add the other links here as I complete them. And of course, here are some photos for your vi...

xx Four Days in the Ozarks | 16 Jul 13
10:16:15 by Jetpilot5 | Views: 33786 | Comments: 27


Fudge and I have known each other for a while now, first meeting at a Region 4 Coffee Meet a number of years ago.  Iíve been fortunate enough to take a few trips with him, including an STN National in West Virginia, CSTN in Eureka Springs, Arkansas and a couple of long weekends running the letter roads in SW Wisconsin.

For a while we had been trying to make arrangements to do another trip and when the BBQ run over the four day July 4th weekend in Monett, Missouri was posted, we discussed going but decided that we would keep our options open.  With about a week to go to departure we had settled on riding to Lexington, Kentucky and then exploring some of the roads east of there.  Only two days b...

xx Riding Swiss passes - does it ever get old? | 14 Jul 13
13:16:54 by Mrs. DantesDame | Views: 16436 | Comments: 16

June 13, 2013

Almost two weeks prior I had been led by a local across some of Switzerlandís most coveted and famous motorcycle riding roads. Now it was my turn to lead. Bob (from the ride to Le Grand Balloon) and Dan were excited to see these roads for themselves and we set aside Saturday for the fun.

We had been advised to get an early start, as many other riders (and drivers and sightseers) would have the same idea. That in mind, we agreed to meet at 6:30 am and make quick work of the autobahn between here and Olten. From there it would be noth...

xx Selling the House and Going to California. Electrifying! | 11 Jul 13
01:49:36 by MisterSmooth | Views: 18679 | Comments: 28

In 1968, when my wife Page was seven years old, her folks built a vacation house on the north shore of Lake Tahoe.  They had four kids (Mark, Ross, Page, and Sally) so it had three bedrooms, including one extra large dorm style bedroom for the kids and two bathrooms.  Although it might have been deluxe accommodations by the standards of the time, it is now considered modest.

In 1968 a carport was enough.

Page has a mental lockerful of childhood memories that revolve around this house.  On Friday nights the family would pile in the Ford Country Squire, complete with wood side panels, and drive up to the cabin from their house in San Francisco.  The boys would go skiing at Incline in t...

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