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xx Devils Den SP - Just another NWA Sunday Ride! | 10 May 19
15:43:41 by lobo10s | Views: 7094 | Comments: 5

Ride Reports
We had a fantastic day exploring a part of NW Arkansas that we had not ridden in before. The Boston mountain scenic loop is a beautiful ride, with plenty of places to explore. We thought we had a place picked out to eat breakfast but they were closed, so we ventured on. We found dirt roads, beautiful places to pull over and enjoy the rivers, with roads that never disappoint. It was just another fantastic day of riding in NW Arkansas.

You can see the Ride Report here.


xx Ozark Escape - Part 2 | 02 May 19
13:21:35 by lobo10s | Views: 2671 | Comments: 0

Ride Reports
I have finally completed the entire ride report. Two videos, numerous pictures and a blog ride report. I hope you all enjoy it.

On a side note - I was worried when I traded in the 15 Versys that I was making a mistake. All of that apprehension has been swept away as the new Versys is amazing! I miss the Orange, but other than that the new version has won over our heart and souls. Until next time everyone ride...

xx Ozark Escape - Part 1 | 25 Apr 19
21:25:58 by lobo10s | Views: 3288 | Comments: 4

Ride Reports
Jamie and I spent Easter weekend in NE Arkansas and Missouri riding with some good friends from Texas and the MSTA, The weather was great and we had a fantastic time exploring the twisty roads while getting to catch up with some long time friends. This is a quick Video from the first couple of days. I have also included a few pics from those days as well. Stay tuned for Part 2 coming soon. See all of the pictures here:...

xx Why you should get a dual-sport bike | 14 Dec 18
16:16:52 by jay547 | Views: 56525 | Comments: 247

Ride Reports
On a local forum, I have this thread going. That forum is about dead now so I'll post it here and add to it as I go.

There is no report, no commentary, just pictures. These are from November, 2017 to present. Most are in Oklahoma, some in Arkansas, and a few in...

xx For Blue is Best | 23 Nov 18
22:49:41 by jay547 | Views: 4856 | Comments: 11

Ride Reports
Blue said he wished more people would do ride reports or talk about sport touring so in his honor, I post this.

I wrote this for a private forum so some of the weak attempts at humor may not make sense.

In October, it rained every weekend except one - and I worked on my truck that weekend. I got in a total of about two hours of riding,  the lowest monthly amount I've had in probably ten years. This month, either the rains continued or it was Yankee cold. Finally on Saturday, the high was forecast to be 61° so I went for a ride. Lisa wanted me to go to her daughter's house warming party. Haha, no. I didn't plan any particular route or stops so I didn't take a lot of pictures. The stator is out on the DR so I had to ride the streetbike....

xx 9 Days on the Big Versys - Fun Times | 20 Sep 18
13:14:23 by lobo10s | Views: 4093 | Comments: 5

Ride Reports
Jamie and I did a great little road trip earlier this month. I have completed the ride reports and you can read them on my blog. It is just too long to re-write. I hope that you all enjoy the reports. I have posted some pictures from the ride to set the tone. Have a great day and Ride...

xx Lighthouse Tour of Northern NB | 08 Sep 18
08:09:51 by Acadian Rider | Views: 4310 | Comments: 10

Ride Reports
Last year I started to take pictures of lighthouses in the Maritime Provinces on the bike. I got most of those that were accessible in PEI and some in my home province of NB. This week I spent two days to ride up to the Acadian Peninsula in NB and back home in Moncton and got eleven of them.

If a lighthouse was located on a private road I tried to get some pictures from a public road nearby if I could see it. Some were only accessible by water and since my bike doesn’t float I didn’t get them. My rule when I take a picture of a lighthouse is that the bike and lighthouse have to be visible in the same picture.  


xx Norway [mostly photographs] | 31 Aug 18
18:44:36 by Daniel Kalal | Views: 3644 | Comments: 12

Ride Reports

I've wanted to circle around the Scandinavian Mountains for years, so  finally put it on the schedule for mid-summer.  I wasn't sure how far  north I'd want to ride before crossing over the mountain and returning, but,  I built enough slack into the calendar that I could wait to make that  decision along the way.
Europe Motorcycle  Trip #20
For some reason, I've always assumed I'd make this trip by riding in a  large clock-wise circle; and, that's what I did.  Beyond that, I  carried a map showing previous trips across Germany that I could  use as a reference to make sure I didn't repeat any roads either coming  or...

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