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Topic: Slow ride to the Cloverdale Car Show  (Read 464 times)

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« on: September 12, 2015, 09:54:18 pm »

Should have spent the day trouble-shooting Guzzi electrical issues, but felt like riding and had made note of the Cloverdale car show the last time I was up north riding.

Foggy morning in the city after many warm, sunny days, but sunny as soon as I popped through the tunnel just north of the bridge.

Had some congestion even at 7am on Highway 1, but with 14 horsepower wouldn't have gone much faster if it was clear.  Descending on Stinson Beach:

Traffic cleared after Stinson Beach and I rode the fun twisty section of 1 along the Bolinas Lagoon twice.  Great section of pavement.

Continuing north the fog returned approaching Point Reyes.  Rare to be riding along Tomales Bay in the fog, looking across at a sunny day in Inverness.

Gassed in Point Reyes - 2.59 gallons for 212 miles, most of which were my wife's and her substantially fewer pounds certainly add to the efficiency.  Refueled myself at the Tomales Bakery and chatted with a few other riders, motor and pedal.

The forest around Occidental reminds me of many areas of the northeast.  Traffic remained light until Guerneville.

It was a perfect morning for riding through the Russian River Valley, although roads were a bit congested with a cycling event.  Not much of an issue on a motorcycle as long as there aren't many cars in the mix, and there weren't.  I wondered a few times if I missed a road closed sign.  The CHP working one intersection waved to me - maybe my hi-viz vest gave off a vibe that I was somehow associated with the event?

Crossing from Westside Rd. to Eastside Rd.

Cloverdale is a little over an hour from my place according to Google Maps.  After 4+ hours of meandering I finally arrived at the car show.

Wonder if he paid the show's car and motorcycle registration fees?

Very uncommon to see a modified first gen T-bird.

Personal favorite of the show.

Several Camaros, not surprisingly.  Like to get my '68 ragtop out here to the West Coast at some point.

Some well-used machines in the 4x4 section.

I continue to be amazed at how many trucks are still on the road here, rather than rusted out beyond repair and resting on cinder blocks.  Fortunately I don't have space to park one which keeps my from owning another vehicle.

There were a few former CHP 5.0 Mustangs.  I never looked inside them before.  All were 5 speeds, and had shotguns mounted in them in various fashions.

There were a few motorcycles as well.  I had a solid 30cc advantage on this old Indian.

I always eat at the awesome Hamburger Ranch when dining in Cloverdale, but rather than gear back up to ride a mile, I ate lunch where I parked - the old Railroad Station in town.  It was good.  Hamburger Ranch is better.

On the return the much warmer air seemed to bring out the smell of ripening grapes.

Avoiding highway again, I worked my way easily down to the BMW/Triumph dealer hoping to demo an R9T, but they just sold their last one this week.  Sucking it up and hitting 101 afterwards, I tried my luck with an SR400 demo, and I was in luck  Smile

It was a lot more motorcycle than the TU, though the highway stint didn't give a much better showing.  It is all irrelevant because the kickstarter was pretty tough, and there is zero chance my wife would be able to kick it over.  

After getting nowhere fast, I settled for the highway in Novato, catching a few surprising raindrops on the way home.  


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