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Topic: out on the bandit 1250 for a test!  (Read 1378 times)

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« on: July 11, 2007, 06:05:12 pm »

My turn! Smile

Kinda narrowing my bike search down..lost interest in the  fjr/st1300, just bigger  than i want, too much plastic for me..Nice bikes tho..had  test rides and very impressed. Also had out the fz', like em a lot! Love the vfr, enjoyed the sprint! But leaning towards a semi naked as I enjoy my naked bikes!

So today got a 50 mile ride on the 1250 in the mtns. I am currently looking at  going either semi naked, or  back to a st biker.
 heres my take on it...
Since I am very happy and comfy on my 1100f honda naked , I rode it to the dealer so it was fresh in my mind to compare.

yes I know a new bike should be  better..but I have found out it dont always work that way ..

I kinda compare them all to in, they have to be those ergo's, comfort, and feel...but new!

The bandit felt just fine..I was really interested in the airflow as I have had my fill of turbulence on bikes, and  coming from a vfr I was used to none. (Turbulence, buffeting,  quite a bit different than clean wind) I ride the bike for some wind, so i don't want one  that blocks it or turns your head into a blender like my vstrom.
Yes! the fairing was great for me! hit me just in the neck area , and nice clean airflow..perfect!
seating position..same as my 1100, perfect.just a nice  forward lean to take the weight off the spine.

power. good enough!!!.Not a rocket ,but  enough to  get a thrill !
I'd say barely quicker  than the fz6 I drove, if at all, just obviously  different kind and easier to get it done and not needing the  rpm to do it!    tons of torque as they say. . Mind you  I don't mind  shifting (thats part of why i like bikes) so thats not always the big deal to me.I like that  14 grand  howl.. but  the bandit..yes, no glitches, very smooth  efi as they say!  could  idle it right down in the  stop and go corners and no glitchs...yes it was a bit quicker than my old 1100, about the same as the fz6 or a hair more,  and might hang with the vfr i had  for a while.

It still disappointed me that 1250 cc  and 24 years newer didnt have much more go then my old 1100, but  then again, it  doesn't promise 150 hp, it  makes it clear is 100hp or it works as advertised! Lots!!
Handling..on the mtn roads i went on it was more than enough! No it didn't feel as light and quick as quick as the fz or the vfr, but close and good enough for a big bike!. And yep you can tell its heavier compared to the others. But not enough of a issue to matter..Its capable of all I ever need.

size not really a issue as the weight  is nice on the hiway . very nice ride on the  freeway in the  truck blasts! nice and solid!!

Best part next to the  fairing, is the bike is very smooth, no buzz in the bars up to  veryfast!  no peg buzz.....nice!!

So far its the  closest to what I am wanting in a naked........So why havnt I bought it yet?

well , it only comes in a dull color up here, don't like it, but could live with it.....but the biggie for me.. the seat is brutal!  way too narrow and high in the middle, and it slid me ahead all the time...weird! like sitting on a  ball.

I thought my v-strom  was a arse killer, it takes  a hr before it hurts..But this  had my buttoooxx on fire in 5 minutes!!!..didnt get any better in a hr, so she's off the list for me for now..I never road a bike that hurt right from the start..not a good sign.... I dont buy a bike then spend $ fixing its problems. Its supposed to come with a seat I figure.
Now thats  on my Butt!  

yours may love it!

thats my only beef with the bandit...just my opinion....

Back to the quest! think the st  type is back at the top of the list again..

 ..In the end its all a pain in the @#$#!

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