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Topic: Time for #3 GPS unit....  (Read 10210 times)

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« on: February 12, 2020, 11:10:22 am »

Well, I'm again replacing the Garmin Navigator Garmin's credit, they are willingly replacing it...again.

First one acted as if it was possessed half the time.  They exchanged it.
Second one at least worked consistently (minus poor QA on some features and other features not working because Garmin decided to stop supporting them).

I bought a couple more songs on iTunes, so I have to make MP3 versions for the car and GPS.  I go to copy them to the GPS, and since the bike's been in the shop for about a month now, the battery is near dead.  Plug it into a USB charger to charge.  The unit powers on, indicates it's plugged in, then, after about a minute, seems to "reboot."  This keeps happening.  After much frustration, I leave it overnight hoping it's related to the battery having no charge.  Fully charged by morning, and unit works fine when powered on normally, but each time I plug it into a charger or PC, it does the reboot thing.  Two Windows 7 machines and my Windows 10 laptop at work later, it does it on everything.  So, no way to update software, maps, access memory, etc via USB.  So, a call to Garmin for yet another replacement unit.

The lady at Garmin did say that this series has been getting reworked because of many complaints, so hopefully this third one will be the end of it.  My 660 that's over 10 years old works perfectly.


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