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Topic: Trying to make my 1974 TY250A street legal in PA  (Read 992 times)

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« on: April 11, 2009, 06:19:31 pm »

I bought back my old TY250 recently.  My avatar shows my first wheelie on it in 18 years.  I never should have sold it.  I had it street "legal" in Yonkers NY in 1981 and 82.  It was the most fun bike ever, and it was used to teach any kid who wanted to learn, how to work a motorcycle.  Now I want it street legal again, but in PA.  PA is far less lenient than NY was 28 years ago.

I'm trying to graft old (1974 through 1983) DT and XT electrical parts together (all 6 volt) into a working system.  This is not as simple as I thought.

Pa requires a headlight with Hi & Lo beam, stop / tail lights, turn signals, electric horn, and speedometer/odometer.  A battery is also needed.

There are problems with attaching things, as there are few places to do that.  There is no room, no empty space available to put things.  Minor hostile surgery will be done.

Finding parts has me fine combing eBay for weeks, now, with dozens of post it notes all over the computer and desk.  Most necessary parts are ordered, or I now know where to find them.  

And now to the point:  are there members who are familiar enough with old DT, XT, and hopefully TY Yammies who can answer electrical questions?

I see on the parts fiches a "control unit" in the electrical pages.  What is it and what does it do?  Do I need one on the TY, which has nearly nothing electrical?

The TY has one coil to power the ignition system and one coil to power the lights.  Any help is appreciated.  Thanks,  Bill

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