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Topic: **SOLD*** Ms. PacMan, Galaga (39 games)on Table Game in SoCal  (Read 746 times)

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« on: February 14, 2010, 04:20:20 pm »


This is Commercial Grade Coin operated, or Free Play Ms. PacMan arcade table game, for 1 or 2 players.  Like new.  You can play up to 39 different games, all built in.

The Classic Games Collection  is designed like the original cocktail table arcade games you may remember playing in arcades and pizza parlors in the 1980's. Inside, state-of-the-art circuitry provides graphics, sounds and action just like the originals. The thick tempered glass top can be customized with your choice of full-color screen printed graphics. Play all the classics exactly like they were originally designed on a Brand New 21” Arcade Monitor with REAL arcade joysticks and buttons. The Clasic Games Collection  is a commercial quality arcade game machine that takes coins or can be set for free play.  They are perfect for your home or business.

Those of us that grew up in the 80’s now have kids of our own that are playing much more complex video games using home consoles and personal computers. Many of us have fond memories of the classic arcade games of our youth. We all have a favorite that consumed many of our quarters during those days. Yours may have been Pac Man®, Ms Pac Man®, Galaga®, Dig Dug®, Donkey Kong®, Centipede®, Frogger®, Space Invaders® or many others that are hard to find today. Many of these games have been re-released in different formats over the years that can be played at home. You can even download and play Pac Man® on your cell phone or PDA. But none of these, in our opinion, compares to the experience of playing them on a REAL arcade game machine, with a REAL arcade monitor, using a REAL commercial grade joystick and buttons.

The size is  22"x32"(table top)x28",150 lbs,same size as 1980's Ms Pacman Galaga Pacman cocktail cabinet
I'd really like to find a local buyer, and can deliver within 4 counties.  $ 1,399

Games included:

-PACMAN                                                              -MS. PACKMAN
-DONKEY KONG                                                  -SPACE INVADERS
-GALAGA                                                               -1942
-SUPER COBRA                                                     -TIME PILOT
-TANK BATTALION                                              -FROGGER
-DIG DUG                                                                -BURGER TIME
-HUSTLER   (BILLIARDS)                                     -PINBALL ACTION
-MR. DO                                                                   -CENTIPEDE
-SUPER BREAKOUT                                              -NEW RALLY X
-QIX                                                                           -PHOENIX
-GALAXIAN                                                             -SPACE PANIC

-JR. PACMAN                                                           -SUPER PACMAN
-DONKEY KONG JR.                                              -DONKEY KONG 3
-MILLIPEDE                                                             -LADY BUG
-CRUSH ROLLER                                                    -MAPPY
-PENGO                                                                     -JUNO
-MR. DO'S CASTLE                                                  -SCRAMBLE
-XEVIOUS                                                                  -GALAGA 3
-GYRUSS                                                                    -ARAKNOID
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