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« on: August 30, 2010, 10:31:45 pm »

Sunday I rode a 120 miles dual sport ride.  I met a friend over at Trace State Park,, near Tupelo, MS.  They've got 35 miles of trails with lots of interconnections to keep things interesting (as in... I KNOW I've seen that tree before, now where is the #$^%&^ entrance?).

I met a buddy over there.  He moved away from the area over a year ago, and we have been trying to plan a ride for months.  He drove over from Alabama, and I rode from home.  I had about 25 miles of gravel roads and another 25 miles of backroads to get there.  Some of the backroads were rougher than the gravel roads.  Smile  On the way back I had the same distance, but time constraints kept me to just 5 miles of gravel.  At the end of the day, I spent less than 1 mile on anything more than 2 lanes.

The trails were a lot of fun and a lot of work.  It rained.  Saturday night and all day Sunday.  Sometimes pouring down, but mostly just light and consistent.  It kept the temperatures down in the mid-80s, but the humidity up around 100%.  There weren't too many mud holes, but all the trails were slick and the exposed roots slicker.  We did some hills, but, like some others on this site, hills are not my strong suit.  We stuck to beginner and intermediate trails.  We did a little single track, but mostly ATV routes.  We spent about 4 or 4.5 hours in the park including a 1/2 hour for lunch.

What worked:
HJC SPX helmet - bought on closeout at BikeBandit earlier this year.  Comfortable.  Good ventilation.  And the pads are easily removable for cleaning.

O'Neal Element boots -- decent riding boot for $110.  In no way waterproof, but they are pretty stiff to hold the foot in place.

TPro back and rib protectors - I've got mostly street gear.  This is track day armor, but it is slightly vented, provides back protection down to the tailbone and very good chest and rib protection.

Shinko 244 17" tires - they grab decently, although they pack up with mud pretty easily.  As I got more comfortable in the afternoon, I went faster.  As I went faster, more mud flung off the tires sooner, and I got more traction.

WR250X - Skinnier, taller wheels and tires would have been better, but this bike did just great, even with stock gearing and taller tires.  Towards the end I could pop the front wheel for clearance and throttle steer much better.  The suspension was GREAT -- good control and no bottoming out.  If I did a lot of dirt, I might make it a little softer (or learn to ride more aggressively  Razz).

Zeta skidplate - Took one hit during a log crossing with no problems.

What didn't work:
Tourmaster Flex pants -- these are about 2 years old and pretty much worn out.  A leg zipper blew out earlier this year.  The mesh catches on the footpeg and tears easily.  This week the crotch zipper blew out.  They are straight leg pants, so don't get them if you have an athletic build (which I do, at least below my gut, from all the bicycle riding over the years).

Entry level Scott goggles -- Fogged up badly.  My buddy had the same.  Some anti-fog mist helped a little, but not much.  We ended up riding without goggles from time to time.  Worse, I have a scab on my nose where they irritated my skin.
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