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Topic: The "Rants and Raves About Ohio Riding" Thread  (Read 10138 times)

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« Reply #20 on: October 05, 2011, 09:12:03 pm »

I finally got to ride SE Ohio a little bit on the way down to Kentucky a few weeks ago. Tips, if you need a hotel, book it in advance. We started looking for a room in Wheeling WV, no luck, then Clarington (hey, it looked big on the map!), then finally Morganville. After calling i think every hotel within a 30 mile radius we finally booked into the Comfort Inn in Marietta.


Its after dark, on roads I've never been on, and we have two riders with us one whose been riding a year, the other is on a learners permit. So we bracket them (theirs 4 of us). I lead, because I have those Hella MicroDE HID's.

The first turn out of Morganville is.... 556 - The Ohio Dragon.

Oh ya, this is gonna be fun.

Long story short, we didn't lose anybody and we only saw 4 deer standing beside the road. Hella's are FANTASTIC on the highway, no so good on SE Ohio roads lol!

If you stay at the Comfort Inn in Marietta, go down to the bar and order some wings with the F.U.Z.E hot sauce (2nd hottest on the menu). Ask the bartender what it stands for. Those guys are alright in my book. The kitchen was closed and the cook was sitting there and got up and made us some food.

We rode a bunch of roads up 26 towards 556. For some reason 260 stands out.

When you pass this on 26, you'll see a building on the opposite side of the road that looks abandoned. Theirs something from the XFiles living there. I *SWEAR* it's half human and have coon dog.

But I forgot it all the next morning...

... er.. I mean SE OHIO sucks wet wooly donkey dick.


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« Reply #21 on: October 08, 2011, 10:19:28 am »

You guys must have hit a great weekend right after rain or something.  We were there not that long ago and had a layer of dried horse poo on most of the good roads.  


Some of us are used to riding in Amish country.  But you are correct about the rain.  I don't recall a single road apple.  And the corners were remarkably clean, except for one very popular twisty route leading down to river - 556 or 536 Headscratch I forget the number - [EDIT It was 536] - extrodinary amounts of gravel in the corners, which strikes me as somewhat unusual, because Ohio drivers seem to prefer the center of the road. Crazy
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