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Topic: School me on Idaho/Montana...thinking of relocation.  (Read 535 times)

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« on: November 15, 2011, 02:24:31 pm »

I'm cross posting this in two regional forums, but I hope most will post replies here.

I'm living in Virginia, and it's not bad, but there is really not much opportunity here to justify staying.

I've always felt an attraction to the Montana/Idaho area.  I'm debating if it would be worth it to live there.

I take as a given that the riding season would be much shorter than I'm used to.  I spent over 3 years in Wyoming and had no real issues, but Wyoming is pretty much a desert for a good part of the state, so it got cold and windy, but rarely did we see a lot of snow that stuck around.  Idaho and Montana might not be the same.

The attached map gives an idea of what I consider to be an desirable region to consider for relocation.

Mostly, if I make the move, my big concern is reliable employment.  I'm only making $25K/year right now, and I'd like to make more, but I'd hate to make less.  I prefer rural living, and HATE big cities...although I know from prior trips that "big" cities aren't that common.

I just don't know the area well enough to tell what towns/cities I should target.  I'm really thinking about a trip to this area next summer just to try and do some serious job hunting...maybe get something lined up.  Looking online is a pain, and I can't go running back and forth for job interviews from this distance.

I'd be take on any I have some aptitude for, and I'd be willing to learn a new trade if I had to, but doing that via formal schooling is out mostly because I just can't swing the cost being charged by most schools.

Any advice?

If so, please try to post replies on the other thread....thanks.  Cool,68182.0.html


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